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~ Christmas Poems ~

The Christmas season is here
Here's something to warm your feet,
And to make it extra special
We've added something sweet.
© S. Radakovich

To walk in someone else's shoes
is something we can't do
but we can send our blessings
and a little gift too.
The circumstances you're in
can't change who you really are
and when you look inside your heart
you'll find a shining star.
So stay warm this winter
enjoy the candy too
and know another's thoughts
are wishing the best for you.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

As we wait to hear the midnight chimes
Just stop a moment or two
And think of all the things that's happened
To your family and good friends too
Then as the clock strikes midnight
Take this candle and transfer its tired light
To set aglow a new one
With a wish for a future bright
© 2006 Yvonne Lowther

Santa's Elf
Santa's "wee helper elf" has come to visit you,
His plan is to watch every single thing ... you do!
Reporting back to Santa, whether you've been good or not...
Returning each morning, sometimes found in a different spot!
He loves hiding because his size doesn't take up much space,
So, you might have to search for him ... perhaps in a secret place!
You can talk to him and tell secrets... but he won't say much,
He's got special magical powers, so please do not touch!
© Crafty Me2 2007

The elves are in town
and had some time to spare
they looked in your window
and saw you sitting there.
For a bit of Christmas cheer
they left you a surprise
you never saw them coming
as elves vanish before your eyes!
©Sue Pitchfork

The elves were helping Santa
To load his Christmas sleigh
But just as they were doing it
The reindeer got in the way
The next thing that was noticed
All the elves were in a heap
They'd gotten themselves all tangled up
Between the reindeers feet
Well Mrs Claus was not amused
She had far too much to do
Now between cleaning up and cooking
She had the elves to see to, too
Each one had got an injury
Be it hand or foot or head
So Mrs Claus gave out first aid
And sent them all to bed
Santa saw he had a problem
He couldn't manage on his own
So the only thing that he could do
Was pick up the telephone
He rang around the North Pole
To ask for some advice
And soon he had some helpers
Polar Bears, Fairies and sugar mice
Between them they helped Santa
To finish loading up his sleigh
And so you see, that's how dear Santa Claus
Managed to set out on his way.
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

The elves had heard about
unions and workers rights
demanded a pay rise
and threatened elfing strikes.
Santa was not happy
he had too much to do
he wouldn't give in to blackmail
but needed help that's true.
So Rudolph called a meeting
of all the gingerbread men
and asked if they'd help Santa
and work for crumbs again.
So Christmas was saved
and the elves had a holiday
but they are still grumbling
about their hourly rate of pay.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

Dear Santa,

Here's a little something
To take home to your elves,
They work so hard for others
They never think of themselves.

They're so busy making toys
They don't take time to eat,
So here's a little snack
For a festive Christmas treat.
© S. Radakovich

Take these tiny little boots (or mittens)
And place them on a shelf
The owner will come by looking for them
Since they belong to one of Santa's Elves
katieangelamber © 2004

A tiny elfin mitten (bootie)
Was left behind, you see,
When an elf helped Santa Claus
Bring gifts to you and me!
Please put this mitten (bootie)on your tree
So he'll be sure to see it.
I'm sure that he'll be looking,
I'll almost guarantee it!
©2004 Kelli Williams

Hugs and Kisses

May this scoop of Hugs and Kisses
Bring lots of love your way
To fill your home with festive cheer
For a Happy Christmas Day!
Doreen Scerri © 2008

Here's a scoop of Hugs and Kisses
To show my love for you ~
May your Christmas Season be full of joy
Enjoy it through and through!
Doreen Scerri © 2008

Irish Christmas Candle

As you remember that first Christmas Eve
When Mary and Joseph sought shelter in vain,
May the candlelight that showed them the way
Guide you in love's ways again and again.
When you light this 'Irish Christmas' Candle
During these festive days,
May Blessings of Hope, Joy, and Peace
Stay with you in special ways!
Doreen Scerri © 2007

Light this Irish Christmas candle
On the eve of Christmas day,
Let its lovely light bless and guide you
In many a special way!
Doreen Scerri © 2007

An Irish Christmas Candle
welcomes into your life
the spirit of Christmas
and God's great holy light.
It shines for those departed
to guide them on their way
it warms the hearts of many
who take the time to pray.
So light the Irish Candle
on this Christmas Eve
and let the Christmas story
live in those who do believe.
© Sue Pitchfork

This candle is for our loved ones,
No matter where they roam.
It is placed in our window,
To help guide them home.
--- © Jazbo 11.07

No room at the Inn,
Forcing Mary to roam
Looking for a place to have her baby,
So very far from home.

I'm putting a candle in the window,
As a symbol that she's welcome here,
And in remembrance of our departed dead,
Whom we miss & hold so dear.
--- © jazbo 11.07

New Year's

Dear Lord, as the old year leaves us
And a New one takes its place
May the light from this new candle
Spread your love around this place
©2006 Yvonne Lowther

Light a candle for the year that's past
In thanks for all that's gone and been done
For friends old and new and family too
For the sharing, the tears and the fun.
May the light from this special candle
Carry happy memories to the New Year
By lighting a new candle that will shine
With love and joy enough to share.
So as you 'blow out' 2006
And 'blow in' the New Year
Bow your head in Thanksgiving
And for 2007 say a special prayer.
Doreen Scerri © 2006

A little Christmas cracker
Wrapped up just for you
It's full of Christmas wishes
And lots of candy too
© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

Christmas time brings lots of fun
And lots of treaties too
So I have filled this cracker up
With candies just for you
© 0904 Yvonne Lowther

Christmas Candy M&M'S

As you hold these candies
In you hand,
And turn them,
You will see.
The M becomes a W,
An E, and then a 3.
They tell the Christmas story,
It's one I'm sure you know.
It took place in a stable,
A long, long, time ago.
The E is for the East,
Where the star shone so bright.
The M is for the Manger,
Where Baby Jesus slept that night.
The 3 is for the Wisemen,
Bearing gifts, they say they came.
W is for Worship, Hallelujah, Praise His Name.
So as you eat these candies,
Or share them with a friend,
Remember the meaning of Christmas,
It's a Love story that never ends.
---- © by Pam Ridenour

Poems for Christmas Goodies:

Short and sweet
my wish for you
a tasty season
full of joy too.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

A special treat
for you this year
neighbors like you
bring us much cheer.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

A tasty treat
it's sweet like you
Merry Christmas neighbor
and Happy New Year too.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

Here's a batch of cookies
I baked just for you
To wish you Merry Christmas
And Happy New Year too!
© Jennifer Byerly


Here's a cup of cocoa
to drink up as you may,
to help you take the chill off
these frosty winter days.
It comes with warmest wishes
for a Christmas filled with cheer
and memories that sparkle
throughout the coming year.
- ©Patsy R. 2003

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