Digital Art - Original Graphics - Clipart - Coloring Pages - Short Poems - Survival Candy Kits.



This is where I save all of the paper crafts that I make for Christmas, New Year's, Valentine's, Easter, Coloring Pages, Birthday Cards & Awareness printable &


Hundreds of Original Craft Poems and Saying for Tags, Bookmarks and Greeting Cards. Funny M&M and Survival Kits with Poems for quick gifts.

online Clipart

Clip Art for tags, greeting cards, stationery and calendars. Vintage Seasonal and Holidays Clip Art - as well as - Christian Folk Art and more.


Downloads - Poems, Quotes and Sayings - 19 Pages. Humorous, Motivational & Inspirational Survival kits.
Makes quick and thoughtful gifts.

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About Me: is my own contribution to the graphic's world.
When I started my first website in 1996, I depended on other peoples' generosity in supplying me with graphics and digital pictures.   Now it's my turn to give back and pass it on.
However, like everything else has also grown. :)
Now I have Clipart, Printable for the Holidays and Special Occasions, Survival Candy Kits, Short Craft Poems, Paper Crafts Templates and Coloring Pages.
I want to keep on growing, even though search engines can't figure out what I'm doing here. Any suggestions what to add to this invisible website? Thank You!

Other Websites that I've done: - I'm writing for our grandkids. Probably my last :) - How To - Craft Tutorials, Printable and More - Gardening, Recipe Card maker, Templates and Recipes