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Halloween Craft Poems for Seeds, Hot chocolate, Soap, Peeps, Treats & from Bus driver.
~ Halloween Crafts Poems ~

Halloween Poem from busdriver

Here's a special treat bag
Because you ride my bus
Even though I think you're
A little 'ornery cuss!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Please stay safe this weekend
This is your halloween treat
From your favorite bus driver
I think you are all super neat!

For Halloween this year
I thought it might be neat
To give all my bus riders
A spooky little treat!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

All this year you rode my bus
being good without a fuss
so now at Halloween here's a treat
a bag of candy sugary and sweet.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

I'd prefer to ride a broom
as buses can not fly
but to see you every day
is my natural high.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

Halloween Soap

Black cats aren't unlucky
they're creatures who like clean
so use this Halloween soap
and try not to scream.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

This witch is brewing trouble
listen close you'll hear her croon
"come closer sweetie and wash your hands"
by the light of the full moon.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

This little pumpkin
isn't a tasty treat
it's actually a soap
to wash your hands and feet.
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

The leaves are falling
and sitting on the grass
but this leaf is a soap
with a little touch of class
© Sue Pitchfork 2004~

Whiskers twitching, claws so sharp
Eyes that flash so mean
But witches cats need baths you know
So this soap will keep them clean
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

No matter how much she scrubs and scrubs
No way will she get clean
This soap will make her smell quite nice
But she always will be green
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

Orange skin
Smiley grin
With eyes and nose, no doubt
This little pumpkin soap will help
To get the dirt all out
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

A soap just like an autumn leaf
To help you to feel clean
I hope you find this little gift
Will make you smile and beam
© 2004 Yvonne Lowther

goody bag of halloween candy

These cute and tasty treats
Aren't scary at all to eat
Prepared by a gentle old hag
Packaged up in this Halloween bag
katieangelamber © 2004

Haunting, scaring, yelling "Boo"
Of all the things you choose to do
On Halloween this year may you
Enjoy these goodies when you're through!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

It's almost Halloween
I hope your day is frightful
And here's a bag of goodies
To make it more delightful!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Mummy, witches, monsters, ghosts
I like biting necks the most
I swoop around to find my prey
Digesting as I sleep all day
But if finding necks I should lag
I'll eat the goodies in this bag!
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Poems: Ghost Peeps

This cute ghost peep
Isn't a spooky treat
So soft and smooth
A delicious marshmallow sweet
katieangelamber © 2004

This Halloween Ghostie
Is a very special treat
He's not here to haunt you
He's a gift for you to eat
katieangelamber © 2004

Everyone loves Halloween
the thrill of trick and treat
these ghostly peeps are special
and so very good to eat!
© Sue Pitchfork

Here's a ghostly peep or two
that won't give you a scare
it's just a delicious treat
that you don't have to share.
© Sue Pitchfork

Halloween Hot Chocolate

Just in time for Halloween
This very special brew
Is sure to please your tummy
And cast a spell on you
© 2004 Jennifer Byerly

Pumpkin Seeds --

Now that it's Halloween
you can Trick or Treat
Here's a special pack of Pumpkin seeds to eat.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

Feeling a little peckish
want a snack or two
then these little pumpkin seeds
might do the trick for you.
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

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