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Halloween Craft Poems for Kisses, Treats, Envelopes & more.
~ Halloween Crafts Poems, Sayings and Quotes ~

Yucky Halloween poems

Take one eye of newt
Mix with wing of bat
Add a couple hairs fresh plucked
Off your witches hat
Fold in wart of warlocks
Grate in skin of flesh
Sprinkle on some dandruff flakes
Be sure to get them fresh!
Add one fang of werewolf
Then let it stir and brew
When it boils over
You'll have your magic stew!
© 2005 Jennifer Byerly


If you feel the need for cooking
And have witches round for tea
Here's a little recipe
To fill them all with glee

Take a bit of bed fluff
Mix it with the spiders web
Roll it up and chew it
Then stuff it in a bat that's dead

Add a couple of rat tails
Put it all in a bowl
Surround it with some newts eyes
And maybe the legs of a small mole

Roast it very carefully
We don't want the skin to crack
Then serve it up for teatime
A very tasty witches snack!
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther



Red - bats blood
Blue - Slug vomit
Brown - Frog poo
Yellow - Owl eye
Orange - Werewolf boogie
Green - Vampire bile

Mix these treats together
open your mouth wide
then use your fingers
to place it all inside.
Chew it up so slowly
swallow and keep it down
a recipe from my mother
a witch of great renown!!
(c) Sue Pitchfork 2005~


Bats wings, witches warts
And vampires blood too
Mix them up together
And add them to the stew
A pinch of graveyard dirt
To add a little spice
Maybe a frog or newt
To make it taste real nice
Stir them all together
Until the mixture starts to boil
But remember to eat it soon
Before the stew starts to spoil
katieangelamber © 2005


I need some things for supper,
To make my witches stew.
To the graveyard I'll go shopping,
No other place will do!
I need some bones for flavouring.
Eyeball dumplings will be grand !
A bat's wing and some toad warts
Are things I have on hand.
Blood of goat,
Water from a moat
Into the pot they go.
Moldy bread and a chicken's head,
Now stir it to and fro!
Serve it hot on a wolf that's rot,
To give you extra power
For flying high in the dark of night
As you approach the Witching Hour!
Hazelanne Nielsen © 2005

Have a Happy Halloween
With this special treat
Some sweet Halloween Kisses
For you to enjoy and eat
katieangelamber © 2005

Halloween is here again
And everyone has a lot of candy wishes
But the only candy you are getting
Are these boos and hisses!
katieangelamber © 2004

Witches and ghosts
Fly this night
And they love to give
A spooky fright

So this year on Halloween
Instead of hugs and kisses
They decided to send you
These boos and hisses!
katieangelamber © 2004

Bat Kisses

I met a cute little bat on Halloween night
But he was nice, didn't give me a fright
Instead he gave me a sweet little kiss
And it tasted chocolaty just like this
Before he flew off he asked me nice
To share his kisses once or twice
And so I offer you little Bat Kisses
And all my best Halloween wishes
Happy Halloween!
© 2003 Lisajo Wolff

Black Cat Kisses
This black cat
doesn't mean to kiss (should this have been "hiss?")
He just wants to
give you a li'l kiss
Happy Halloween!
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Mummy's Kisses
It's time for Halloween
With monsters who are mean
But this year I have a treat
It's scrumptious and sweet
Something from your 'mummy'
To kiss your little tummy
It comes with best wishes
A bag of Mummy's Kisses!
© Lisajo Wolff

Frankenstein Kisses
Ole Franky's heart may have been implanted
But he grew to be quite loving and enchanted
Now he wants to share all his kisses with you
In the hope you'll have a Happy Halloween too
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

No scary ghosts
Nor ugly witches
Or creepy little bugs
Just a little surprise of
Hallowe'en wishes
And lots of kisses and hugs.
by Paulette

Pumpkin Kisses

On All Hallows Eve I went to my porch
To light my cute Jack-o-Lantern's torch
And as I bent low, I caught a twinkle in his eye
It must have been a star fallen from the sky
Then suddenly he took on a life all his own
And asked me if he could come into my home
I said now why should I grant you this
He said Aw please, I'll give you a kiss
Now how could I refuse his toothless grin
After all that's how most romances begin
Now I'm in love with my pumpkin, and I tell you this
You ain't had nothing 'til you've had a pumpkin kiss
And because you're sweet and I love you too
I'm sharing these Pumpkin Kisses with you.
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Scarecrow Kisses

As I was out in the field of corn
I noticed a scarecrow so forlorn.
I asked him why he looked so sad,
That things couldn't be that bad.
He said in a voice soft and low,
I really wish that I could go.
I dream of having someone to hold,
But I'm all alone as I grow old.
So I took him down from the post right then,
And told him he could be my special friend.
Then he gave me a scarecrow kiss
And it tasted sweet, just like this.
So now I share his kisses with you
So you won't ever be alone and blue.
Happy Fall, to you, my dearest friend!
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Spider Kisses

There once was a Halloween spider
Who was the sweetest you could find
In his web he nearly starved to death
for no bug or moth would he entwine

Instead he gave everyone he'd meet
All the love from the bottom of his heart
He'd kiss everyone instead of bite
For he truly was a dear sweetheart

And so this Halloween I share with you
A few of these Halloween Spider Kisses
And leave you with all of my very best
Happy Halloween wishes
© 2003 Lisajo Wolff

Sending you all my
Halloween wishes
And this little bag
of Spider Kisses
© 2003 Lisajo Wolff

Front should say:

Werewolf Kisses
To bring out the animal in you!
Just one of these Werewolf Kisses
will make you howl at the moon
You'll turn into a raging animal
and then really start to swoon

Let's make this a loving Halloween
Won't you please accept this kiss
Let me be the lucky recipient
of wild and passionate loving bliss
©2003 Lisajo Wolff

Ghouls and bats and goblins,
Witches and monsters, too!
They haunt us all on Halloween
With everything they do!
But I think they're growing kinder
And perhaps a little sweet,
'Cause this year they left behind
This colorful Halloween treat!
©2004 Kelli Williams

I heard there was a party
A really fun filled treat
I thought I'd go and gatecrash
To have a little peep
It was full of ghosts and werewolves
Bats and spiders with hairy feet
But all they had for eating
Were these bags of Halloween sweets
© Yvonne Lowther 0804

Halloween brings scary tales
Of witches on their brooms
And Beady eyes in a darkened house
Bats flying past the moon
But I didn't heed the warning
And I sneaked out into the street
To go and find you a little gift
Here you are - a Halloween treat
© Yvonne Lowther 0804

Halloween Tea poem

Enjoy a cup of tea
On Halloween night
To prevent a chill
And ward off frights
katieangelamber © 2006

Ward off ghoulies and ghosties
With a cup of tea
A special Halloween brew
As a gift from me
katieangelamber © 2006

Since spooks and spirits
Love to roam this night
A cup of Halloween tea
Will ward off the frights
katieangelamber © 2006

This looks like tea
But between me and you
The secret is
It's really witches brew!
© 2006 lou buffkin

Here's a Halloween treat
for a weight watcher diet
only three small points
that won't give you a fright.
© Sue Pitchfork

Bite in and enjoy them
indulge in a little treat
as with only three points
it's candy you can eat.
© Sue Pitchfork

If you want to eat
This Halloween treat.
The points, if you care,
Won't give you a scare.
Count one for each peep,
And your diet will keep.
LMastalski © 2006

Here's a little something
To satisfy your wishes
It's black and rather creepy
A bag of Spider kisses
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

A broomstick, wart and pointed hat
Casting spells instead of granting wishes
Have you guessed what's in the bag
Come look, it's witches kisses
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

Be careful as you open this
It holds a spell and not a wish
But if you're quick and don't make it last
This witch's kiss will disappear fast
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

Eight creepy, crunchy spider legs
A squelchy body that's delicious
But if you don't fancy Spider bites
Then how about some Spider kisses
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

High above us in the sky
One dark, spooky moonlit night
I saw a witch go flying by
It was not a pretty sight
Her cloak it rustled, her hair was green
The bristles on her broom made lots of swishes
But as she passed she threw to me
This bag of witches kisses
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

I was walking down a darkened lane
Bats and owls were flying by
Then suddenly I saw something
From the corner of my eye
Eight hairy legs, a body
Two blood red eyes I then did meet
But then it smiled and handed me
These Spider kisses for a treat
© 2007 Yvonne Lowther

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