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Halloween Craft Poems for kids, treat bags, coffee sleeves and more.
~ Halloween Crafts Poems ~

Poem for halloween treat bags
Since you're unable to go trick or treating
The treat is coming to you
Enjoy this little Halloween gift
Along with get well wishes too

Stuck inside the hospital
is surely not a treat
so this Halloween just relax
and put up your feet.
A goodie bag we're leaving
to brighten up your day
and a Halloween wish
for health to come your way.
© Sue Pitchfork

Halloween Relief Pills :

Halloween Relief Pills
You could not help yourself,
You had to eat too much candy.
Your belly is full and hurting,
Now you are not feeling dandy.
Take some Halloween Relief Pills
To help calm your upset belly,
And stop eating too much candy .
© Nancy Waller

Well, you've gone & done it this time.
You ate way too much candy.
You've got a major bellyache,
Ain't that just dandy?

These Halloween Relief pills
should give you some ease.
So next time, be wise
in how much you eat, please.
© jazbo 31.10.06

You couldn't help yourself
And you ate too much candy
Now your belly is full
And you're not feeling so dandy.
To get some relief
Just take two of these
Stay away from the candy
And eat healthier please.
© LMastalski

Greedy witches and goblins
overindulgent vampire bats
end up with indegestion
from feasting on treats and rats.
So when the sun comes up
and you feel worse for wear
take these magical healing pills
and frogs blood if you dare!
©Sue Pitchfork

This dear little goblin is such a
multipurpose creation,
Adorning tables or guarding doors,
causing a spooky sensation!
Whether sitting on your table or by your door,
oh so "bootifully" sweet,
With ghostly greetings to make
your trick or treat activities...complete!
© Crafty Me2 2007


A witch's hat for you to wear
But not on your head
For that would scare
Just pin it on
Join in the fun
On Halloween night
Watch witches run! Doreen Scerri © 2007

cup sleeve

This sleeve I made especially for you
To wrap around your coffee cup
It will keep your fingers always safe
As your coffee you drink up!
Doreen Scerri © 2007

Halloween Treat Poems

Rotten Sweets
These are Rotten Sweets,
dissatisfaction guaranteed.
So gobble up these treats
but take care not to overfeed.
©2007 Lisajo Wolff

Deadly Morsels
These are Deadly Morsels
antidote not included.
If you think you'll survive
you really are deluded.
©2007 Lisajo Wolff

Twisted Treats
Put treats in a bag along with a small rubber snake
Here are some Twisted Treats,
consume at your own risk.
They may look like harmless sweets
but they're guarded by a basilisk.
©2007 Lisajo Wolff

Devilish Delights
These are Devilish Delights
so exorcise before serving
And if you put on weight,
exercise after eating.
©2007 Lisajo Wolff

Dreadful Edibles
These are Dreadful Edibles
to be opened only at midnight.
For at any other time
they'll give you quite a fright.
©2007 Lisajo Wolff

Poems for Halloween Lip Balm
Let the Halloween winds howl
cause no matter what the weather
even a {witch, vampire, black cat} can use this treat
to make their lips feel better.

As Halloween approaches
And broomsticks are raring to go
I thought these would keep your tootsies warm
As across the sky you go
Who knows we might just meet up
Secret sisters dressed in black
As we zoom across the midnight sky
With our laptops on our back
The moon will guide us upward
As the stars all shine above
So Happy Halloween my Secret Sister
Here's your little gift, wrapped up with love
© 2008 Yvonne Lowther

Here's a bag for you
Full of special treats...
Cereal, pretzels,
A pop tart and sweets...
So during this holiday
whether you act scary or mean
I hope you enjoy
a Happy Halloween!
Doreen Scerri © 2009

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