Memorial Poems
Blue and Tear Icicle

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~ Memorial Poems ~

Blue Icicle

I found something special
I want to share with you
to help you through the Holidays
when you might be feeling blue

It's hard to lose someone we love
Celebrations can hurt so much
But remember the joys you shared with them
and you'll feel their gentle touch

May this blue icicle remind you
it's ok to shed a tear
but the love you shared is still in your heart
so your loved one will always be near.

Blue Icicle

It's a blue Christmas
you feel you can't go on
the days are filled with sadness
as your loved one has gone.

But love cannot leave us
it lives on in your soul
a blue icicle reminds you
life's cycle is a whole.

So although you cannot see them
loved ones stay by your side
drying your tears at Christmas
and healing the pain you hide.
©Sue Pitchfork

Blue Icicles

Christmas time's supposed to be jolly
But this year, without you
I've going to miss your laughter
And that makes me feel blue
So these icicles will remind me
Of the one I loved so dear
And will bring back happy memories
Throughout the coming year
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

Blue icicles to remind me
Of a loved one I once knew
Blue to represent the tears I've shed
Crying over losing you

Twinkling as they spin around
Bringing memories back clear
Of all the happy times we shared
When you, that loved one, was right here
© 2005 Yvonne Lowther

Icicle Tear

This year for Christmas
I'll hang on my tree
An icicle tear
and reminder to me
That losing a loved one
Though painful at best
Doesn't mean memories
Or joy have to rest
I've too many feelings
And things I recall
Of happier moments
and savor them all
So each time I pass
By my tree and I spy
This icicle tear
I vow not to cry
For I want to honor
All of the years
I had with my loved one
With joy and not tears.
© 2006 Jennifer Byerly

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