Memorial Poems

Please keep the poets' names
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~ Memorial Poems ~

Christmas will be hard this year
and tears will be shed
as we face the holidays
it's with a touch of dread.
For losing someone so special
has chased the joy away
but when we stop and listen
we may just hear Dad say:
"You know love never dies
I'm still here it's true
I live on in your hearts
spending Christmas with you."
© Sue Pitchfork 2005~

The day you got your angel wings
Was a sad day as we knew
We had to let you go.
You said every thing would be alright
Even though we had to let you go
That you would all ways be near.
The memories and the love you gave to us
Were etched in our minds
That we just have to close our eyes and remember
That special loved we shared.
Now you are with the angels looking down at us
Remembering the day you got your wings
The love that was in the room with you
As you went to meet the angels
© Linda Wade

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