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Dated : April 06, 1999 at 13:46:24

I use them all the time.
I have used cotton linter paper but it is too expensive.
My favorite thing to use are the subscription cards that come inside magazines.
Then the projects are free.Any non-glossy paper works, although newspaper is a little flimsy.
Make sure that you blend the pulp well in the blender. Strain with a mesh strainer.
Use a sponge to soak up as much of the water as you can. At the same time, push the paper into the mold.
You can place the mold in the microwave and nuke for about a minute.

Open the door and allow the steam to escape and repeating the process until dry.
Be careful, the paper can burn, when it does it really stinks. You do not need to use the fixative that comes in the kits.
Paper works fine without it. Another source of molds are any plastic candy, candle or cake mold.
Even the metal individual cake pans from Wilton will work.
These are cheaper than the ceramic and you can find some really cute ones. (Winnie the pooh, Tigger, a Dalmation dog, etc.
Fill the molds with the pulp,absorb excess water with the sponge, then freeze.
Yes, I said freeze, make sure the project is frozen solid for best shape before popping from the mold, then microwave as above.
The dried projects can be painted and decorated in millions of ways.
When using small items from a candy mold, also make a base from any shaped plastic container like those that grocery store baked goods comes in.
These can become wall plaques, signs, even centerpieces.

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