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    ~ Bear Poems ~

    ~ Friendship Bear ~
    When you are feeling really fragile
    and it is all too much to bear,
    just hold me really close
    and remember that I care,
    © Fay White

    Burden Bear
    Burdens are easier to bear
    when shared by a friend.
    Listen and my message
    you'll soon comprehend.

    When life is falling apart
    don't let your faith wilt.
    Give the pieces to God
    to make a pretty quilt.

    You'll soon find that you can
    handle what comes along,
    because faith and friends
    will really make you strong.

    So let me and my quilt
    be a reminder to you...
    God and friends are here
    and they love you too!
    by shirleyt@craftsayings.com

    Snuggle Buddy ?

    When you need a friend
    on me you can depend.
    Whenever you're sad
    I'll try to make you glad.
    When a hurt causes a tear
    I'll bring you some cheer,
    and whenever you're lonely
    there by your side I'll be.
    And if you can't sleep at night
    just hold me really, really tight...
    I'll chase the bed bugs away
    and tomorrow again we'll play!
    So there is no need to struggle
    whenever you need a snuggle.
    Through work, play, sleep or study
    I'll be your snuggle buddy!
    © shirleyt

    What every brand new baby needs,
    Is a brand new Teddy Bear.
    One that's soft and cuddly,
    And can travel everywhere!
    There will be times as you grow up,
    When you will feel sad or blue.
    And on those days this Teddy Bear,
    Is sure to comfort you.
    A bond that lasts a lifetime~
    That's what kids and teddies share.
    "Cause no matter what else happens,
    Your Teddy's always there!
    So treat your teddy kindly,
    Hug him lots and love him,too.
    Remember that he's special,
    And priceless...just like YOU!
    ©carol gabrielsen

    Burden Bear

    I'm just a plain and simple bear
    And I have work to do
    I'll help you bear your burdens
    When they're too much for you

    I'll be your best friend and listen
    To all you have to say
    I'll never tell your secrets
    They'll be safe with me always

    You can keep me on your pillow
    Or set me by your bed
    So you'll always be reminded
    I'm here for you like I said
    Yes, I've been sent to help you
    And remind you to say your prayers
    When you have your talks with Jesus
    Thank Him for sending you a burden bear.
    (by lou buffkin)

    Trouble Bear

    I am a little bear,
    A friend as you will see...
    When troubles are too much,
    Just bring them to me.

    I will listen very carefully,
    No matter what you say.
    I am here for you
    To brighten up your day.
    ©2004 Darlene

    Trouble Bear

    I may not be able to speak to you
    But hold me close and you will see
    The things that are a troubling you
    Will be halved if shared with me
    © 1004 Yvonne Lowther

    Trouble Bear

    A little bear, that's all I am
    But if you hold me tight
    I'll listen to your troubles
    Every day and every night
    © 1004 Yvonne Lowther

    Sometimes life is hard
    it's more than you can bear
    but please know I'm here
    and that I really care.

    If you want to tell me secrets
    or pour out your heart and cry
    I'll listen patiently
    my hugs are on supply.

    Yes I'm a little caring bear
    sent by a friend you see
    so when life gets tough
    you can always count on me.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2006~

    A little bear to comfort
    and brighten up your day
    he's full of get well wishes
    he's bringing them your way.

    So give him a cuddle
    and squeeze him very tight
    he'll be your companion
    every day and every night.

    And when you feel better
    then on a shelf he'll stay
    on call if you need him
    whenever sunny skies seem gray.
    ©Sue Pitchfork

    Sometimes a certain someone
    crosses paths with yours
    and something special grows
    as a friendship soars.

    Someone you wouldn't meet
    if God hadn't made it so
    fills your day with joy
    and I want to let you know

    That you're that special someone
    you mean the world to me
    thanks for being my friend
    you're more like family.

    God bought us together
    So I'm giving you this bear
    a reminder that we're blessed
    and the friendship we share.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Everyone needs a teddy bear
    for comfort and support
    something to snuggle
    when life seems hard fought.
    At the end of the day
    when battles seem long
    snuggle up to your teddy
    it will help keep you strong.
    Tell him all your worries
    his fur will soothe your tears
    and his love will guide you
    through the worries and the fears.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    A sweet little bear
    to cuddle at night
    reminds you you're loved
    and God holds you tight
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Mike please remember
    life has bumpy roads
    but the Lord is always there
    to help carry the loads.

    Ben was your childhood friend
    he was always there for you
    a bear hug to cheer you up
    whenever you were blue.

    Now you're a grown up
    some days seem hard to bear
    sometimes you need a teddy hug
    that's why this bear is there.

    And in the darkest hours
    if you are feeling all alone
    remember God will guide you
    on paths troubled and unknown.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    A teddy is always there for you
    When you need a hug or two
    A teddy never critisizes
    What you say or do

    Just like the bear you used to have
    I hope this one will prove to be
    A friend to bring you comfort
    In this, your time of need

    Just cuddle him and talk to him
    And I'm sure you will find
    That just like Ben, your childhood friend
    He will bring you peace of mind
    © 2005 Yvonne Lowther

    Just like a spool of thread
    That unravels so far
    You are sew beary special
    A great friend you really are.
    Friends go a long way
    To show that they care
    They lend a hand
    And are always there,
    They're ready to listen
    When you've so much to say
    They make sure to call or write
    To check you are OK.
    Doreen Scerri © 2006

    Friends like you are hard to find
    That's why I want to say
    That you are 'sew' very special
    And I'm glad you came my way
    © 2006 Yvonne Lowther

    I'm a little scented teddy bear
    I've been dipped in wax you see
    So if my scent should start to fade
    Don't worry, just fix me
    Take hold of your hairdryer
    And aim it straight and true
    Then as the air descends on me
    You'll make me smell like new
    © Yvonne Lowther 1003

    No I'm not a candle
    Although I've been dipped in wax
    I'm a smelly little teddy
    And you can take that as a fact
    My scent is really lovely
    But if it starts to fade away
    Just blow me with your hairdryer
    And bring it back that way
    © Yvonne Lowther 1003

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