BCA Survivor Craft Poems Collection


    As a survivor
    I know the battle's long
    but cancer can be beaten
    keep fighting and stay strong.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    A brave courageous survivor
    a hero through and through,
    you fought breast cancer
    and the victory went to you.
    An angel watched your struggle
    and she admired your fight,
    so she's sent a pink angel
    to remind you it's all right.
    That angel is your guardian
    and she'll always be quite near,
    so always remember to think of her
    when you need comfort or cheer.
    ©Sue Pitchfork~

    You're a breast cancer survivor
    Congratulations and hooray
    Wear a pink ribbon
    To remind you each day
    ©2005 lou buffkin

    As a breast cancer survivor
    You've been richly blessed
    Start each day with praise & prayer
    God will take care of the rest
    © 2005 lou buffkin

    If you find you're needing something
    To help you through the day
    I thought this little cross might
    Help to lead the way
    God cares about your sorrows
    He cares about your fears
    He cares about your pain and
    He numbers every tear
    Each time you cradle this cross
    Let it serve to remind you
    That God will always be there
    To lift and carry you
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    Take this angel wherever you go
    To spread awareness to all you know
    Tell about the battles and strife
    Praise the one who saved your life
    Share your story and your prayers
    Let them know how much you care
    Keep in your pocket, or give her away
    In hopes breast cancer is only
    a memory one day.
    © 2005 Tracy

    A sweet little reminder
    To hold this cause in prayer.
    With faith and hope we're showing
    How very much we care!
    ©2004 Kelli Williams

    I met up with an angel
    On the road of life one day
    She reminded me to always stop
    And take the time to pray
    She said to keep my faith and hope
    On every must-do list
    Then she left a small reminder
    And she sealed it with a kiss!
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    Sometimes we hit a pot hole
    As we travel down life's road
    The way gets rather bumpy
    And we bear a weighty load
    If you always keep your faith and hope
    And just remember this
    Each time you pray to Jesus
    You might feel an angel's kiss
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

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