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    ~ Christmas Poems for Candles~

    Irish Christmas Candle

    As you remember that first Christmas Eve
    When Mary and Joseph sought shelter in vain,
    May the candlelight that showed them the way
    Guide you in love's ways again and again.
    When you light this 'Irish Christmas' Candle
    During these festive days,
    May Blessings of Hope, Joy, and Peace
    Stay with you in special ways!
    Doreen Scerri © 2007

    Light this Irish Christmas candle
    On the eve of Christmas day,
    Let its lovely light bless and guide you
    In many a special way!
    Doreen Scerri © 2007

    An Irish Christmas Candle
    welcomes into your life
    the spirit of Christmas
    and God's great holy light.
    It shines for those departed
    to guide them on their way
    it warms the hearts of many
    who take the time to pray.
    So light the Irish Candle
    on this Christmas Eve
    and let the Christmas story
    live in those who do believe.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    This candle is for our loved ones,
    No matter where they roam.
    It is placed in our window,
    To help guide them home.
    --- © Jazbo 11.07

    No room at the Inn,
    Forcing Mary to roam
    Looking for a place to have her baby,
    So very far from home.

    I'm putting a candle in the window,
    As a symbol that she's welcome here,
    And in remembrance of our departed dead,
    Whom we miss & hold so dear.
    --- © jazbo 11.07

    It's hard at Christmas
    to find holiday cheer
    when we're missing loved ones
    who are no longer here.
    But this special candle
    will always burn bright
    filled with the memories
    that you hold so tight.
    Watch the flame's flicker
    reflect and then reminisce
    feel your loved ones presence
    remember their kiss.
    Life is but a journey
    and love cannot die
    so remember your loved one
    with a smile not a sigh.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    A lovely tree at Christmas time
    The glow of candle light
    Warm my heart and bring to me
    Sweet feelings of delight!
    © 2005 Jennifer Byerly

    The warming glow of candle light
    Friends and family near
    Are just a couple things for me
    That bring me Christmas cheer!
    © 2005 Jennifer Byerly

    Snowmen warm the hearts of all,
    and this one comes to say,
    I hope you have the warmest heart
    filled with joy on Christmas day.
    © Marina 2005

    A little snowman candle
    to bring some Christmas cheer,
    And thank you for the things you do
    To help me throughout the year.
    © Marina 2005

    Advent Wreath

    1st CANDLE- (purple) "CANDLE OF HOPE"
    We can have hope because God is faithful and will keep the promises he made to us. Our hope comes from God. (Romans 15:12-13)

    Preparation means to 'get ready'. "Help us to be ready to welcome YOU, O GOD!" (Luke 3:4-6)

    3rd CANDLE- (pink) "CANDLE OF JOY"
    The angels sang a message of JOY! (Luke 2:7-15)

    4th CANDLE- (purple) "CANDLE OF LOVE"
    God sent his only Son to earth to save us, because he loves us! (John 3:16-17)

    5th CANDLE - (white) "CHRIST CANDLE"
    The white candle reminds us that Jesus is the spotless lamb of God, sent to wash away our sins! His birth was for his death, his death was for our birth! (John 1:29 and John 3:1-8)

    Setting aside a few minutes each day during Advent to light the candle(s) and worship will help everyone in your family to get ready for Jesus' birthday celebration! On the fourth Sunday before Christmas Day burn the first candle, read the Scripture references, sing a carol and pray. On the next Sunday you will burn the first and second candle. Continue in this manner until the Sunday before Christmas when you will burn all four candles. On Christmas Day you burn the "Christ Candle", signifying that Jesus has come!