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    Family Reunion Poems and Games

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    When our family gets together
    some things you're bound to see
    cause there's a few loose screws
    floating round our family tree.
    Marbles have been lost
    but replacements are at hand
    and although there's a few nuts
    overall our family's grand.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    OR Seed Packets

    Our roots are entwined together
    or fruit reflects the tree
    so as you watch the seeds grow
    I hope you'll often think of me.
    © Sue Pitchfork~

    [> Re: Traditional Gifts and Games for a Reunion -- mo

    family member with the longest hair--prize hair comb
    family member with the most keys on their keyring--prize key ring
    family member with the most family picture in their wallet or purse---prize photo album
    family member with the most coins or the oldest coin---prize a bank
    family member's car that has the most mile or the least amount of miles---prize a pedometer
    family member who made their bed today --
    the man who washed dishes last night --
    family member that read a book to their child---prize a book