Valentine's Craft Poems & M & M kits

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Collection of - Short Craft Poems & Kits for Valentine's:
Share one with a Friend, Lover, Teacher, Co-Worker and Mom & Dad

    Valentine's Craft Poems and Candy Kits

    Red - For your smile
    Blue - For touching my heart
    Brown - For just being yourself
    Yellow - For the power of friendship
    Orange - For understanding
    Green - For enjoying life

    Today is Valentine's Day
    a special Day you know
    a day when I think of you
    and let my feelings show.
    We aren't romantically entwined
    but our hearts do meet
    as finding a friend like you
    is impossible to beat.
    © Sue Pitchfork


    Red - For making work fun
    Blue - For helping each other
    Brown - For a caring environmen
    Yellow - For shared laughter
    Orange - For doing the best we can
    Green - For making the most of each day.

    We work together
    we're often side by side
    sharing a friendly smile
    and a sense of working pride.
    So this treat is for you
    because Valentine's day is near
    but also to say thank you
    it's nice to see you here.
    © Sue Pitchfork


    Red - For your smile
    Blue - For melting my heart
    Brown - For just being yourself
    Yellow - For finding a soul mate
    Orange - For holding hands
    Green - For romantic walks

    I'm trying to find courage
    to ask will you be
    my sweet Valentine
    will you go out with me?
    You fill my life with sweetness
    you're delicious - a delight
    so please say you will
    be mine tonight.
    © Sue Pitchfork


    Red - For rare moments of silence
    Blue - For the fun we have together
    Brown - For the bond we share
    Yellow - For holding my hand when I need you
    Orange - For enjoying each and every day
    Green - To remind you each child is special

    It's Valentine's Day
    and teacher it's true
    the smile on my face
    is because of you.
    School is a pleasure
    as you're there each day
    a teacher so sweet
    to help guide my way.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2006~


    Red - For accepting and loving me just as I am
    Blue - For teaching me right from wrong
    Brown - For a caring environment
    Yellow - For the "little happys" that show I care
    Orange - For being the best parents ever
    Green - For always being there for me.

    As parents you're amazing
    you mean the world to be
    Love is far more important
    than natural paternity.
    So now it's Valentine's
    I give my heart to you
    in thanks and appreciation
    to the two of you.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    M & M Lover

    Red - For the chocolate taste
    Blue - For melting in your mouth
    Brown - For keeping your fingers clean
    Yellow - Any time is M & M time
    Orange - For the pretty colours
    Green - For a chocolate smile.

    To brighten a day
    Put a smile on your face
    Nothing beats chocolate
    And none goes to waste.
    The M & M flavour
    Just can't be beat
    So please enjoy
    This tasty treat.
    © Sue Pitchfork