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Miscellaneous Short Craft Poems

    Bubble Wrap Poem
    You gotta love bubble wrap
    I love it too
    Pop a few bubbles
    And I'll pop one for you!
    Doreen Scerri © 2012

    Bubble wrap is so much fun,
    Pop a few bubbles and when you're done,
    Wrap your fine item to make it secure,
    Then pop a few more just to make sur
    ! Doreen Scerri © 2012

    Packer Fans M&M's
    This bag filled with M and Ms for the SuperBowl game
    will help you survive when things aren't so tame.
    Munch on the blue when referees blunder.
    Down some orange when a pass goes as under.
    The red will calm you when a touchdown is recalled,
    and brown tastes good when their defense is stalled.
    The green and yellow that you find inside,
    will demonstrate to everyone you have Packer pride.
    © SueZQ 2011

    Paws up to you
    you're the leader of the pack,
    graduated from school
    no holding you back.
    Sit, drop and come
    commands you obey,
    you're the head of the class
    as you practice stay.
    So hold your head high and wag your tail with pride,
    congratulations - you did it
    with (owner's name) by your side.
    ~Sue Pitchfork~

    A pair of comfy slippers that were hand-knit by me,
    Called "Slippers To Go," keep them nearby and handy!
    Store them in a hall closet, they're compact and easy to drag,
    Lightweight and portable, they,ll tuck easily into any bag!
    © Crafty Me2 2008

    Here's a pair of hand-made slippers
    I made easy to carry and pack,
    For you to use when visiting,
    So keep these 'Slippers to Go' in your bag.
    Doreen Scerri © 2008

    [> Re: ISO POEM to send with cards meant to re-use -- kelli, 10:53:58 10/22/04 Fri [1]

    This card was made to send to you
    My sentiments to express,
    Whatever the occasion
    I send my very best!
    But if you choose to do so
    You can use this card again
    To send to someone special,
    A relative or a friend.
    So read the words I've written
    And know they're meant for you,
    But also for that someone that
    You'd like to send it to!
    © 2004 Kelli Williams