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Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter Craft Poems

    Old man winter
    Really calls our bluff
    With his long cold visits
    And tons of the white stuff.
    katieangelamber © 2004

    Old man winter
    Really knows how to blow
    Freezing cold temperatures
    And tons of winter snow.
    katieangelamber © 2004

    When Old Man Winter comes to call
    He settles in to stay
    And doesn't seem to mind at all
    When cold winds blow his way.
    He brings with him the snowflakes white,
    The drifts that shine and glisten;
    Cloudless, starry skies at night
    And days when, if you listen,
    You'll hear the crackling, crunching
    Of the snow beneath your feet,
    And while hot chestnuts roasting
    You can sip your cocoa sweet!
    The pleasures that this Old Man brings
    Outweigh any winter trial,
    So remember that the coming spring
    Will be here in just a while.
    © 2004 Kelli Williams

    Old Man Winter
    by shirleyt@craftsayings.com

    When old man winter comes
    and everything is freezin',
    won't you bring him in to
    celebrate the Christmas season?

    He really is quite handsome
    and will liven up your decor,
    but if he brings anymore snow
    boot him back out the door!