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Bunny Tails Craft Ideas with short Poems

Bunny Tails Craft Ideas with Poems

    There went Mrs. Cottontail
    Hopping down the bunny trail
    Chasing Peter all the way

    Cause Peter was a careless bunny
    He lost his tail while gathering honey
    Now he'll look funny for Easter Day
    katieangelamber © 2005

    The Easter Bunny's busy
    he got in quite a state
    rushing here and there
    hoping he wasn't late.
    He delivered all the eggs
    then went home to sleep
    along the way he lost his tail
    so now it's yours to keep.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    It was a really busy time
    The Easter Eggs might just be late
    So the Easter Bunny thought
    He'd jump over the next closed gate
    But he didn't hop quite high enough
    And his little tail was just too low
    But he hadn't time to pick it up
    So he left it there, you know
    Well I was the one to find it
    And so I picked it up with care
    I popped it in this little bag
    With some others for you to share
    © 2005 Yvonne Lowther

    Most people love the Egg hunt
    Looking under bushes, chair and bed
    I thought it would be different
    To hide a bunny tail instead
    But then I sat and pondered
    Thinking people might get in a tizz
    So I popped it in this little bag
    Can you tell which one it is?
    © 2005 Yvonne Lowther

    Easter bunny tails come - just once a year,
    they're a lot like candy, so you need not fear!
    These holiday treats are yummy, soft and white,
    in cute little packages, they're sure to delight!
    © Crafty Me2 2007

    Bunnies Hop
    Bubbles Pop
    May your Easter be filled with FUN
    © Sally Suiter 2007

    They said a rabbit's foot is lucky
    but rabbits just may disagree
    as it's not so lucky
    losing a foot you see!
    But rabbit's tails are different
    filled with marshmallow fluff
    so try a bite or two
    of this Hoppy Easter stuff!
    © Sue Pitchfork

    This Easter I collected them
    the tails that bunnies drop
    a tasty delicious treat
    to make your taste buds hop!
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Here ya go:

    Bunny Tails
    Mini marshmallows, pompoms; tictacs

    #1 -
    The Easter Bunny lost his tail,
    While running through the garden
    I went and gathered a few tails up
    before they began to harden....
    Soft and white, cute and sweet.....
    These Bunny Tails are a great treat.

    #2 -

    The Easter Bunny's tail is sweet
    It really makes a dandy treat.......
    So I gathered some that I found.....
    Laying there on the ground.....
    I put them in this bag for you.....
    Hope you enjoy them, and share em' too......