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Friendship and Wedding Key Blessings

Key for Blessings

    One Key to finding happiness
    as you go from day to day
    is having someone who touches your life
    in such a special way

    So please keep this to remind you
    I am sure, there is no guessing
    you've unlocked and brought so much joy to my life
    you're a treasure..A Special Blessing!

    You are such a blessing
    the key to my sanity
    a friend and a confident
    you mean the world to me.
    So keep this key as a reminder
    that you unlock my heart
    may we be friends forever
    even if we move apart.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Wedding Key

    Keep this key somewhere special
    it holds both of your hearts
    and in times of disagreements
    it insists that healing starts.

    The key is for communication
    honesty and trust
    a symbol of maturity
    every relationship must.

    So when you feel the urge
    to bicker and to fight
    take the key and apologise
    and hold each other tight.

    And if you use this key
    to keep love open and true
    you're marriage will be happy
    may God bless the two of you.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~