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Christmas Paper Craft Printable
Have you been " Naughty or Nice " this Year?

All of my Christmas Printable should fit on just one page, except for the Folgers labels.
Hope you have fun using this year's printable. :)

Wallpaper and screensavers:

Bookmark & Bookplate:

Boxes - small:


  • canning and preserve labels -oval labels - 3-3/8" X 2-3/8" - prints 8 per page
  • folgers labels - print @100% - go to preview and remove headers & footers - -folgers small cans - 3.5" X 3.75" - prints 3 per page on sticky paper
  • folgers labels- 48oz - print @100% - go preview and remove headers & footers -prints 3 per page - folgers labels - 3.5" X 6" - prints 2 per page otherwise
_ Thank you so much to the person at Craftpals that helped me with the Folgers coffee can sizes. I hope they fit.


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