Collection of Poems about Snowflakes & Friendship -

Short poems about Snowflakes and true Friendship.

Please keep the authors names with their poems. Thank You!

    ~ Friendship Snowflakes~

    When I look at a snowflake,
    You come to mind,
    Cause just like the snowflake
    You are one of a kind !
    Hazelanne Nielsen © 2006

    It sparkles in the moonlight
    It'll sparkle on your tree
    This snowflake is for you
    As a gift from me

    Snowflakes fall from heaven
    Floating gently to the ground
    Glistening in the moonlight
    Falling without a sound
    This snowflake is a gift
    To hang upon your tree
    It will sparkle and glisten
    For everyone to see

    A snowflake sparkles brightly
    it dangles on display
    it brightens up the Christmas tree
    right through to Christmas Day.
    It reminds us we are special
    to embrace all that we see
    as lifetimes melt away
    too fast for you and me.
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Good friends are unique...
    just like each snowflake we see,
    That's why your friendship...
    means so much to me!
    © Crafty Me2 2007

    Friends are like snowflakes
    Alike but different
    I'm glad God picked you for my friend
    Because I know you're Heaven sent
    © 2007 lou buffkin

    Just a simple snowflake
    to bring you Holiday Cheer
    may its beauty and tranquility
    fall into your New Year
    Is so perfect
    Unique in every way
    Each one very different
    Yet glisten in the day
    It's sort of like our Friendship
    And so this gift's from me
    A remembrance of our Friendship
    to hang upon your tree!
    © by Cinny

    Have you ever watched a snowflake
    Falling gently to the ground?
    With graceful charm and softness
    Twirling without a sound?
    Each one is unique
    Made especially by God's Hand
    Designed one of a kind
    Like none other in any land.
    Here's one I crocheted
    To say you're special too
    To wish you Christmas Blessings
    Now and the whole year through.
    Doreen Scerri © 2010

    Just a simple snowflake
    to bring you Holiday Cheer
    may its beauty and tranquility
    fall in to your New Year

    There's a snowflake
    For each one of us
    As they come down from heaven
    Each different and so unique
    Each special, a gift God-given.
    So each time you see this snowflake
    Remember you're special, one of a kind,
    There are lovely thoughts to treasure
    In this snowflake you will find.
    Doreen Scerri © 2006

    All the snowflakes that fall from the sky,
    Are very different and that is why,
    This special gift is a reminder to you,
    That you are special like snowflakes too.
    © 2004 sara

    Just like this little snowflake
    Our friendship won't melt away
    It'll stay around forever
    Just like ours, I hope and pray
    © 2004 Yvonne Lowther

    Each little snowflake
    floated down to play
    some were quite solemn
    while others quite gay
    Each one was special
    enjoying their moment in time
    till they melted away
    in the bright sunshine.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2004~

    Each of these little snowflakes -----you could make this singular-----
    are unique in their own way
    you can spot the difference
    as you hang them up today.
    Place them on your Christmas tree
    to remind you that it's true
    while things may appear different
    they can all be precious too.
    © Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    As light shines through this ornament
    And lovely colours combine,
    May you enjoy this gift this Fall
    And also at Christmastime!
    Doreen Scerri © 2006

    A golden snowflake (substitute crocheted snowflake?)
    So beautiful and bright
    Hang it upon your tree
    To capture the light
    katieangelamber © 2006

    This special little tree (snowflake?)
    Is branching out to say (reaching?)
    Have a Merry Christmas
    In every sort of way!
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    This special little tree (snowflake)
    Would like to wish to you
    A very Merry Christmas
    And Happy New Year too!
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    Merry Christmas dear friend
    Here's a tree for you (snowflake)
    To celebrate the season
    And all the magic too!
    © 2004 Jennifer Byerly

    This Christmas Tea Bag (snowflake)
    Is very special I hear
    It brings magical warmth (Hope it brings magical moments?)
    And a special Holiday cheer!
    katieangelamber © 2004