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    Inspirational & Humorous Survival Kits
    with Poems, Quotes & Sayings:
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    Fish - for a'fin'tastic good read - even fish gotta eat fish crackers - good things come to those who bait - for scooping up your pets
    ...Swedish fish - just for the halibut
    ...tank - many'tanks' for what you mean to me
    ---jazbo 0606

    ...Band-Aid - for when you get hooked instead of the fish.
    ...Caramel-To help you out of sticky situations.
    ...Craft stick - to paddle with
    ...Dog Biscuit-We will be doggone happy when you get the Big One certificate for burgers - in case you don't catch any fish.
    ...Gum - to remind you to "stick" with it.
    ...Gummy worms - in case you run out of bait.
    ...Hugs and Kisses - to remind you that I still love you even if you don't catch "the big one"
    ...Joke Book - to help you pass the time.
    ...Labels to attach to the fish that say - "Objects are larger than they appear."
    ...Lifesavers - just in case you fall into the water; incase you are in rough water.
    ...Magic wand - to'boat' the big ones that always seem to get away
    ...Match - To light your fire when you're burnt out.
    ...A Mounds - For the mounds of Tales you'll tell when you get home
    ...Notepad - to start writing your story about how the "big one" got away.
    ...Paper clip - for when you run out of hooks.
    ...Peppermint Patty-To help you keep your cool when you see the Big One.
    ...A piece of string - For when you're out of line.
    ...Safety Pin-To remind you to be safe.
    ...Skittles, if it rains, you will have your own rainbow
    ...Snickers Bar - to remind you to keep your sense of humor.
    ...Sponge - to soak up the case you spring a leak.
    ...Starburst - To give you a burst of energy.
    ...Tissue - to dry your tears when the big one gets away.
    ...Trail Mix-To eat along the way or to mark your trail.
    1. Smarties "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."
    -Chinese Proverb

    2. Candy Watch "Inasmuch as the earth is 2/3 water and 1/3 land, it is clear that our time should be divided. 2/3 fishing and 1/3 work."

    8. Jawbreaker "Even a fish wouldn't get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut."

    9. Swedish Fish "Fishing is much more than fish...It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers."
    -Herbert Hoover

    10. Life Saver "For the rich, there is therapy. For the rest of us, there is FISHING!"

    Flu bug
    1) you will need a 15 ounce flip top - fruit or soup
    2) Open can from bottom with a safety can opener and remove contents.
    Then fill can with a small package of tissues, cough drops, dry soup mix, Hershey's Hugs and Kisses
    4) Put tag with poem inside can
    5) Reseal according to tutorial

    Get Well Ingredient Contents:
    Pack of Tissues - to blow that runny, irritated nose.
    Dry Soup Mix - that warms you from head to toes!
    Cough Drops -to soothe your raw, scratchy throat.
    Hugs and kisses- A speedy recovery to promote!
    © Crafty Me2 2007

    Soup Directions
    Heard the Flu Bug has bitten you,
    So's a remedy or two!
    Open the can and ...
    then take a look inside,
    To see the handy tag provided,
    as your get well guide!
    ©Crafty Me2 2007

    ...battery - to keep you going & going & going......
    ...beaker - for accurate measurements
    ...butterfinger - so you never have a case of them of your own
    ...eraser - because everyone makes mistakes; so you can start fresh with each new case
    ...fireball - for the times you feel completely 'burned out'
    ...flashlight - to shed light on a crime scene
    ...glitter - to put some 'sparkle' in your job
    ...gum - use this to get out of'sticky' situations
    ...match - for lighting your fire
    ...plastic maze - because you are truly a'maze'ing
    ...puzzle piece - you are an important'piece' of the scientific world; the body has all the answers & it is up to you to solve the mystery of what really happened pin - because safety always comes first
    ...sponge - to soak up the clues all around you
    ...starburst - for when you need a'burst' of inspiration in solving a mystery
    ...toothpick - to help you pick the right conclusion; to pick out the most miniscule of evidence

    Foster parents
    ...Almond Joy - thanks for adding joy to the life of a foster child
    ...angel - foster parents are heaven-sent
    ...balloon - when you need to blow up, blow this instead
    ...bandaid - to heal hurt feelings
    ...basket: when you feel like a basket case, take a break & slow your pace
    ...battery - to remind you to recharge your own batteries
    ...bean - because you've always 'bean' there when we needed you
    ...bear - you make life 'bear'able for these kids
    ...calculator - I can always count on you for last-minute placements, etc.
    ...crayon - because you color the world with love
    ...duct tape - when you have tried everything, you still have one more option
    ...ear plugs - for the times when you can't hear yourself think - so you can keep your cool when difficult situations arise
    ...gem - what a treasure!
    ...gloves - thanks for lending a hand (sometimes foster parents offer an emergency temporary home)
    ...hugs candy - for when you need a hug
    ...lifesaver - for all the times when you have come to the rescue; in case you get in over your head
    ...marbles - when you have lost yours - we appreciate your commit-'mint'
    ...rose - you rose to the occasion & have taken these children in
    ...spider - in 'spider' everything, you continue to open your hearts & your homes to these children
    ...toothpick - attitude is everything, so 'pick' a good one
    ...toy car - when you feel 'exhausted' this will keep you rolling along

    Friendship Mugs
    These things can be put in pretty mug. Tie a bow on the handle.
    © Murlin Creations

    BUTTON: to remind us that we are all different
    NOTE CARD: to send a long overdue greeting to a friend or relative
    PAPER CLIP: to help keep things together when they seem to be slipping out of control.
    PLAYING CARD: a reminder to be playful and have fun
    POEM: to share the beauty of words
    SMALL SMOOTH STONE: to remind you that rough times help refine and polish--use for smoother tomorrows
    TISSUE: to wipe away a tear, your own or someone else's
    TWO TEA BAGS : invite me over for a chat

    Friendship aid - for hurt feelings, yours or someone else's; to help a friend who needs mending
    ...button - to remind you to sometimes "button your lip" when you have nothing good to say; close your mouth before saying an unkind word.
    ...Candle - for you to share you light; You light up my life; there is a light at the end of the tunnel
    ...CHOCOLATE KISS is to comfort you when you are feeling sad; Everyone needs daily TLC; a friend always knows when you need a hug, kiss;
    ...cotton ball - cushioned support of friends for the rough road ahead; To cushion the rough roads, a symbol of support from family and friends; to remind you that this room is full of friends, kind words, and warm feelings.
    ...eraser - to remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate; that everyone makes mistakes and that it is okay
    ...flower: In the "garden of life" each friendship is beautiful and unique.
    ...Gold thread - to remind you that friendship is the golden thread that ties together the hearts of everyone
    ...Gum: A reminder that friends stick together through good and bad.
    ...Happy Face: Smiling increases face value and is contagious!
    ...Hugs & Kisses - for when you need a hug
    ...Jewel - because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
    ...Lifesaver candy - to remind you of the many times others needed your help and you theirs; that you can come to me if you need someone to talk to; because we're always willing to help each other
    ...Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
    ...Mint: A reminder that you are WORTH A MINT as my friend!!!!!!
    ...Mounds bar - for the "mounds" of love and support between friends
    ...Note card: to send a long overdue greeting to a friend or relative
    ...Paper Clip: To keep everything together.
    ...penny - so you'll never be broke; you are valuable and special
    ...Playing card: a reminder to be playful and have fun
    ...puzzle piece - without you, your friends aren't complete
    ...Rock: To remind you of the durability of our friendship.
    ...rubber band - try to be flexible; For flexibility!; to remind you to hug somebody.
    ...Safety pin: to bind us together in friendship
    ...Small smooth stone: to remind you that rough times refine and polish- use for smoother tomorrows
    ...STAR is to remind you to shine and always try your best; To reflect your inner beauty; you are a star to me!;
    ...STICKER is to remind you that we all need to stick together and help each other
    ...Sweet & Sour Tarts: A reminder to appreciate the differences in others.
    ...THREAD is to remind you that friendship ties our hearts together
    ...Tissues - to wipe the tears of joy and sadness; to help dry a friend's tears when their feelings have been hurt
    ...A toothpick - to help you "pick" out the good qualities in others and yourself; to be easy going, and not too picky; to pick out the good in every one, including yourself

    #1 -
    Lord, thank You for loyal, loving friends
    Who are there in winter or springtime fair.
    New acquaintances are easy to come by,
    But true friendship is extremely rare.

    A friend always sees the best in you,
    Although they've known you at your worst.
    They laugh with you in the good times,
    When storms threaten, they'll be there first.

    They'll offer a shoulder to rest your head
    When tears are welling in your eyes.
    Take a walk down friendship's path with you
    And help chase away those stormy skies.

    Lord, thank You for all the gifts You give;
    Each one makes our life seem more worthwhile.
    But one of the finest gifts you've given us
    Is the warmth of friendship's loving smile.

    #2 -
    Kit includes one of each item mentioned in
    following poem (inside card)
    A candle meant to light your way,
    A flower to brighten your day.
    A tiny sponge to dry your tears
    and soak up the needless fears
    A band aid meant to help you mend
    your feelings when they ache.
    An eraser comes in handy when
    you've made a big mistake.
    A paper clip reminds me of
    how close I feel to you.
    A candy for something sweet
    when you are feeling blue.
    A rubber band for
    a great big squeeze.
    A chocolate kiss
    is sure to please.
    A button cause my lips are sealed,
    your secrets all inside.
    A golden thread that's in a knot
    to say our hearts are tied.
    A magic star to wish upon
    to make your dreams come true.
    A little heart cause that's the place
    where I shall cherish you!!!
    Friendship Advice kit
    Be positive & *uplifting
    Smily face
    Button your lip about personal matters

    *Friends go hand in hand
    Cut 2 paper dolls, connected at the hands
    *Keep an eye on each other
    Wiggly eye

    *Lend a helping hand
    hand shape

    Let your friendship shine
    *Confetti, new penny, gems, etc.

    *Make your love felt
    Piece of felt in *shape of heart
    *Pin down time to be together
    *Safety pin, straight pin

    Plastic ring
    *Ring each other often

    *Pray for each other
    *Praying hands

    *Remember to be playful
    Card, Game, Toy

    *Stay flexible
    * Rubber band

    *Stick together
    *Tape, sticker

    *Support one another
    *Cotton ball
    *Treasure each other Gem
    ---jazbo 10.08 (*my own ideas)

    Frog swatter - because frogs are lucky: they get to eat what bugs them
    ...frog-eye pudding - pepe de chine pudding things - for some'toad'ally different ideas
    ...grow your own prince - cut out a crown from expandable sponge; drop into water & watch it grow!
    ...gummy frogs - sometimes you have to kiss a lot of toads before you meet your prince
    ...jump rope - to help you not to jump to conclusions
    ...nail polish - polish up your life
    ...notebook - your pad, or mine?
    ...toy frog - because you are un'frog'gettable
    ---jazbo 0606

    Good, clean Fun
    The container could be a sand pail or some sort of draw-string bag.
    ...bean bags - to toss around some fun
    ...bubbles, wands, etc. - blow your worries away & just have fun
    ...bug repellent - to keep the bugs at bay
    ...deck of cards - deal yourself some fun; Go Fish!; Old Maid; War;
    ...Dominoes because nobody stacks up to you
    ...Flashlight because you light up my life
    ...Joke jar & Snickers bars- so when you laugh, your whole body can have fun
    ...A kite - to let your spirits soar high
    ...liquid hand soap - for good clean fun
    ...motel soaps -

    (1) Cleanliness is next to godliness. So go take a bath.
    (2) wash that man right out of your hair
    (3) Want some good clean fun? Shower with a friend.

    ...old-fashioned games - tic-tac-toe; jacks; marbles; pick-up sticks; dominoes; a couple of bean bags;
    ...sidewalk chalk - for the sidewalk artist in you; Hopscotch;
    ...sparklers - for the sparkle in your eyes or you add sparkle to my life
    ...sponges - to soak up all that fun
    ...Sunglasses for your bright future
    ...suntan lotion - for safe fun in the sun games - because in the game of life, you're a winner

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