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      Survival Kits - starting from "S-W".
      Compilation by Jazz. *

      Survival Kits from Santa to Winter

      1. Reindeer Food or Treats- so reindeer will give Santa a smooth ride
      2. Magic Dust- To go up and down the chimneys
      3. Naughty and Nice List- So you know who gets presents and who gets coal
      4. Coal - for the naughty kids
      5. Compass- to know which direction you are going
      6. Map, Atlas, or Globe- To know where you are at
      7. Sack- To hold all the presents
      8. Presents- For the nice kids
      9. Santa Key- In case there are no chimneys
      10. Tums- For the indigestion from all the milk and cookies

      "Official Santa Sock"
      My puppy must have stolen it
      On last year's Christmas Eve.
      I hope that Santa's toes weren't froze
      When he had to leave.
      I'm passing it along to you
      As quiet as a mouse!
      And THIS year if he's lookin' for it

      Scout leader
      Mounds.....for the mounds of information you learn color your day bright and cheerful be a little nutty sometimes, and have a good laugh
      Puzzle piece.....without you, things wouldn't be complete
      Bandaid.....for healing hurt feelings, yours or someone elses replace those we loose from time to time remind you that when you reach the end of yours, just tie a know and hang on! soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full to hold anymore
      Cup.....for when yours is overflowing
      Rubberband.....a reminder to stay flexible
      Aspirin.....when all else fails, take 2 and find a quiet corner tie things together when everything falls apart remind you that everyone makes mistakes, and that's okay
      Sweet and sour help you accept and appreciate the differences in others
      Hugs & remind you that someone cares for you you'll never be broke
      Paper help you hold it all together remind you to share your light with others

      ...Cardstock, scrapbook papers - perfect medium for expressing ourselves
      ...Confetti - to add some sparkle to our pages
      ... Craft Magazine - for keeping you supplied with new ideas; when all else fails, read the instructions
      ...Eraser - for those occasional mistakes; to start over when things aren't right
      ... glitter - for adding 'sparkle' to your pages
      ...Glue - to hold it altogether
      ... Paper Edger- to take the "edge" off your day
      ...Pin - if at first you aren't successful, just stick to it; to help you pin point problems
      ...Rubber stamp - to leave a lasting impression
      ...Ruler - to keep things straight
      ...Scissors - to sharpen our skills
      ...String - for tying up those loose ends
      ...Tack - for tack-ling the tougher ideas

      RX Pharmacy
      Scrapbooking Vitamins

      Yellow - Idea Enricher
      Pink - Energy
      Green - Journaling Jazz
      Blue - Creativity
      Take as needed.
      Refills: your discretion
      ...This medication, combined with scrapbooking, may have serious side effects or prove addictive.
      ...May cause drowsiness due to sleepless nights.
      ...Keep this & all scrapbooking supplies away from children. They will steal your stickers & take your medicine.

      ... Band Aid: To remember to mend hurt feelings. Yours or someone else's. Col. 3:12-14
      ... Butterfinger: Cause we all slip sometimes, and it's okay. Gen. 50:15-21
      ... Button: To remember to button your lip when needed. 1 Peter 3:10
      ... Candy Kiss: To remember that Love should be a part of everyday. 1 John 4:7
      ... Gum: So you can stick to it. With God you can accomplish anything. Phil. 4:13
      ... Lifesaver: To remember that the Lord is there to help. Psalm 46:1
      ... Mint: to remind you that you are worth one. (I use a peppermint patty) John 3:16-17
      ... Pencil: To remember to list your blessings daily (You could add a cute tablet of paper with this as well) Eph 1:3
      ... Puzzle Piece: To remember that without God we are not complete. Prov. 14:20
      ... Rubber band: To remember to be flexible. God has it under control. Romans 8:28
      ... Snickers and Tissue: To remind us to be a light in someone else's day. Matt. 5:14-16
      ... Tea Bag: To remember to relax and go over that list of blessings. 1 Thess. 5:18
      ... Toothpick: to remember to pick out the good in others. Matt. 7:1

      ... Battery ... so you can keep going and going and going and going
      ... Button ... to remind you that sometimes you have to button your lip; when in a panic, press this - it won't help but it will give you something to do
      ... certs - helps you to be a-cert-tive when necessary
      ... Cotton Balls.....for when you want to drown out any additional requests
      ... Extra Pair of Hands.....because you are expected to do 20 things at once
      ... Hugs & Kisses....for whenever you need them.
      ... Jacks..... because you have to be a "jack" of all trades
      ... Lifesaver ....for when you are drowning in all the paperwork
      ... Magic Wand.....for the miracles you're expected to perform
      ... you will always have a fresh outlook
      ... 100 Grand lieu of that raise you want; to tide you over till your raise comes in
      ... Pacifier.... To soothe the "whiners"
      ... payday bar = because we can always use the extra cash
      ... pen - this is your emergency spare since everyone is always taking yours
      ... Piece of String ... for all the times you are expected to make ends meet
      ... Rubber Ball - to remind you that you can bounce back on the "down" days
      ... Snicker candy Bar remind you that laughter IS the best medicine
      ... Spoon ... for those you have to "spoon feed"; for digging yourself out from all the paper work
      ... Tissues ... for the "cry babies,"
      ... Tootsie roll ... to help you roll with the punches
      ... Yo-yo ... to remind you that this job has it's ups and downs
      Paulette, TLC Creations...1999
      For the extra pair of hands, I have used the disposable gloves....or the plastic hands that you can find at cake decorating stores.
      Submitted by Paulette

      1. The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you "pick out" your special qualities and skills.
      3. The Peppermint is to thank you for your commit "mint" to your profession.
      4. Candy is the "sweetness" your bring into the lives of those you touch.
      5. The Tootsie Roll Pop will remind you of the important "role" you play in your school, company or organization.
      6. The Candy Lipstick will help you communicate effectively.
      7. The Laffy Taffy will remind you that "laughter" is always the best stress reliever.
      8. The Banana Candy is to let you know that without you we would all go "bananas".
      9. The Candy Watch will help you complete your many tasks with speed and accuracy.
      10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your talents are truly "out of this world".

      CANDLE ~ to remind you to share your light with others ERASER ~ to remind you that you can start over with a clean slate every day.
      SMILEY FACE ~ When you're feeling down and you need a smile.
      RUBBER BAND ~ To remind you to always stay flexible.
      TOOTSIE ROLL ~ To remind you to roll with the punches.
      SNICKERS ~ In case you need a good "snicker"
      CRAYON ~ To change the color of your day if you are feeling "Blue"
      PUZZLE PIECE ~ To remind you that you are an important part of the company.
      NUTRAGEOUS BAR - To remind you to get a little crazy every now and then.
      SUCKER ~ To remind you that you can "lick" any problem.
      BAGGIE ~ To put all your troubles in at the end of the day and then throw them away.
      HUGS & KISSES ~ Just because
      ... Gloves - when you need an extra pair of hands
      Paulette, TLC Creations 2000

      Senior citizen anti-stress
      ... band aid - a remedy to cushion life's hurts
      ... belly button brush - so you will always look your best
      ... dime-on pin - so you will never be broke
      ... marbles - in case you've lost yours
      ... pain caplets - for all those aches & pains
      ... polident tablets - for that 'dazzling' smile
      ... swatter - for all those little things that bug you
      ... toothpicks - to prop your eyelids open after 7:00 p.m.

      Red - When the credit card is maxed out
      Blue - When the person before bought the last one
      Green - Envy you feel for those who have finished shopping
      Yellow - For standing in the long queues
      Orange - To help remember where you parked
      White For pushing through crowds
      Black- To keep smiling when dealing with rude people

      Shop till you drop gag gift
      Large purse, shopping bag, etc.
      Bag holder - make from fabric, crochet one or use a pill bottle that has been covered in paper or fabric; roll up a handle bag & put it in the holder
      Bag this - any kind of a shopping bag
      Balloon - to float a lone when you run out of money
      Battery - in case you need to 'charge' something
      Binoculars - to spot all those good deals
      Check book cover
      Chocolate for energy
      Coin purse
      - for spare change
      - time for a change
      Coupon holder
      Credit card surgery - in case you get carried away with all your spending
      - scissors: cut your losses
      Credit cards (save a bunch of those fake ones that come in the mail)
      Cushioned insoles
      Deer - to ward off 'buck' fever
      Directions to local malls
      Dollar bills - change is good but dollars are better

      Extra checks
      Extra pens - for jotting down notes or writing checks
      Firecracker - get more bang for your buck
      Foot soak - for tired feet
      Funny money - just in case
      Gift certificates
      Hot beverage packet - whenever you need a boost

      Lucky Penny
      - for good luck
      - to remind you to keep a 'cents' of humor

      Money Tree Seeds/Gag Gift.....
      The little bag was filled with Lima beans that had $ signs painted on them; split peas & green glitter; tiny money confetti;

      How often have you heard, that money
      doesn't grow on trees?
      Well my friend, take a look at these!!
      Seeds to grow a money tree, so you
      can have a shopping spree.......

      These rare seeds that I found, need to
      be planted in the ground....
      If they don't grow within a week, another
      place to plant, you'll have to seek.....

      If your tree doesn't start to grow real
      soon...Dig them up, and wait for a full moon.....
      If these tips don't grow you a money tree,
      The lesson learned, is, Nothing's for Free.

      Or the last line could be...
      The lesson learned, is, Nothing in Life is Free....
      -by gingersnap

      #2 -
      Money Tree Starter Kit
      Follow these simple steps:
      Plant seeds in a warm spot, dollar sign pointing up.
      Tree will grow upside down if planted wrong.
      Do NOT mention the words invest or stocks if
      standing in the vicinity os seeds. Doing so may cause
      stunted growth.
      Be patient. It takes a long time to grow your
      own money tree.
      For best results, shout "I want to be a millionaire"
      while watering the seeds.

      No! mirror
      Decorate a small hand mirror & practice saying no, I will not go over my budget!

      "Penny Pincher" :)
      A mini spring type clothes pin with a penny clipped in it, and write on the clothespin
      Piggy bank - for all the money you save
      (You can use a real one but somewhere I saw one made out of fabric that was flat)
      Pocket change - pocket cut from jeans with money in it

      Raining money
      Dollar bills in a closed umbrella. When it is opened, it rained money!

      Roll of money
      Cut a slot in a toilet paper tube. Then tape 20, $1 bills end to end. Roll up & insert in tube. Put a 'pull here' tag on the first bill, hanging out of the slot. Wrap the tube in tissue, exposing the slot.

      Shopping list
      Short on dough - roll of cookie dough
      Small notebook
      Snacks - so you don't have to stop for meals
      "Sold" signs - to hold something while you get more money
      Stop sign - the buck stops here
      Tennis shoes - for all the running around you will do
      2-headed coin - for when you need to flip a coin when you need to make a decision
      Umbrella - for all those rain checks
      Validated parking tickets
      Voodoo doll
      feet hurt
      high prices
      no sales
      out of money
      rude shoppers
      Watch - a broken one so you don't have to watch the time
      --jazbo 22.08.10

      Tootsie Roll - For all the times we've let the good times "roll" .
      Payday - So we will always have money to go - SHOPPING!
      Gobstopper - For the "gobs" of trouble we have gotten into over the years .
      Gum - To remind you that a family that "sticks" together stays together .
      Mars - Through the rough times, just remember - Men are from Mars...women are from Venus .
      Sweet Tarts - We are individuals and should celebrate our differences .
      Popcorn - Even if we haven't talked yet today - you have already "popped" into my thoughts .
      Jolly Rancher - For the times I can't be there with you to make you smile .
      Starburst - For the times you feel like you will "burst" if you don't share your secret with me .
      Puzzle Piece - Don't ever forget you are an important piece of my life .
      Coversation Hearts - For all of our "heartfelt" conversations .
      Tissues - For all the joyful tears we've shared .
      Peppermint Patty - Just in case I can't be there to give you a "pat" on the back - this will have to do!
      Two Quarters - In case you need to call on me for advice
      Sandpaper - For all the times you smoothed things over for me - so I wouldn't get into trouble!
      Tea Bags - To get you back for all those times you "teased" me!

      Sixty & fabulous
      See also: Over the Hill)
      ... advil - for all the little aches & pains
      ... ant-acid - for when you have to much fire at night
      ... alarm whistle - for when you have fallen & can't get up
      ... baby food - a softer food
      ... bath oil - relax daily & count your blessings
      ... bran flakes - to keep you going
      ... financial advisor - to plan for the future
      ... fireball candy - to put the fire back into your life
      ... magnifying glass - to help you see
      ... marbles - for when you lose yours
      ... Oil of Old Age - use daily
      ... rubber band - to give you flexibility to snap back
      ... starburst - for an extra burst of energy
      ... survival guide - you never know - be prepared

      Rubberband - to help you "spring" back when you fall
      Cotton Ball - for the rough moguls ahead
      Mounds - for the mounds of snow you will encounter
      Starburst - to give you that burst of energy on the last run
      Lollipop - to help you "lick" the advanced slopes
      Popsicle Stick - in case you need a splint
      Chapstick - keep your lips moist
      Penny - so you won't be broke when you leave
      Breath Mints - just in case you need the ski patrol
      Compass - to make sure you're going the right way
      Rabbits Foot - for good luck

      Pack the following in a plastic one-gallon jar: punch (add water and mix in jar!)
      ...pillowcase with indelible marker for sleepover guests to sign
      ...microwave popcorn braiding kit
      ...friendship pin kit

      ... ponys/barrettes/headbands
      ... anything to do with make-up and nails
      ... jewelry
      ...couple of games
      ...simple beading kit
      ...stuff for manicures and pedicures -- cheap polishes and cute toe-seperators.
      ... notebook & stickers
      ... Those temporary tatoos
      ... Anything that glitters
      ... washable markers - so they can draw on each other Decorate with fabric covering the lid, & tied with a jump rope.

      #2 -
      How about one for boys?
      key ring kits
      small travel games
      How about a certificate for a pizza delivery?
      Cheap video or DVD or movie certificate
      Assorted snacks?

      A sleepover kit to have some fun
      There's plenty to do for everyone.
      Snacks to eat and punch to drink
      And pretty things to make I think
      A pillowcase to sign our name
      So____can know that we all came.
      ---(c)ME Ryan 2004

      Small things for general sports' kits:
      ... balloon - reach for the sky, your goals, etc.
      ... Band Aid-for the blistered fingers
      ... Battery - to keep you going and going.
      ... Bubble Gum - to keep your team "sticking together" through thick and thin.
      ... Button - to remind you that sometimes you have to button your lip
      ... Candle - To remind you to always "shine"
      ... clothespin - to help you "spring" back when you fall
      ... Confetti - to help you celebrate the good times.
      ... cotton ball - to help soften the bumps & bruises
      ... Crayon to color your day bright and cheerful
      ... Eraser-A reminder that we can make mistakes and, more often than not, correct them.
      ... Fireball - for when you're burnt out
      ... Glitter - To remind you to keep positive thoughts, and always sparkle.
      ... Gum - to remind everyone to stick together
      ... hand - when you need a pat on the back
      ... heart - put your heart into the game
      ... Jelly Bean To add some color to your day
      ... Jewel - because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
      ... Lifesaver many times you need help or helped
      ... licked all the problems
      ... Marble - keep you rolling along
      ... Match - To light your fire when you're feeling burned out
      ... keep your cool under pressure
      ... Pair of google eyes - a reminder to keep your eyes on the ball
      ... Paperclip-hold everything together when your life feels like it's falling apart
      ... pencil - for keeping score
      ... give you the sense to pick your battles to fight and which ones to ignore; A reminder to value our thoughts and share them with others.
      ... Peppermint - to thank you for your commit "mint"
      ... Pin- To remind you to stay sharp; if at first you don't succeed, just stick to it
      ... Playing card: a reminder to be playful and have fun
      ... Puzzle Piece to remind us that we are all part of something larger; - without you, the squad isn't complete.
      ... Rabbits Foot - for good luck
      ... red hots - will help your team "warm-up" quickly.
      ... Ribbon-tie a knot and hang on to
      ... Rubber band- keep you bouncing back and flexible; To remind you, in order to get along with each other, we must all stay flexible
      ... Safety pin: to bind our team together
      ... scrap angel - to watch over you
      ... Smiley Face - To help you out when you think you can't smile even for one more minute; for putting on a smile, even when you don't feel like it.
      ... Small Smooth Stone - To remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish
      ... STAR to remind you that you are
      ... Starburst - To remind you, that you'll always be a star in my book.
      ... STICKER is to remind you that we all need to stick together and help each other
      ... Sweet & Sour appreciate the differences in your players
      ... Tape - To fix any last minute emergencies.
      ... A Tack to remind you to be tactful in your relationship with others and their feelings.
      ... Tape - To fix any last minute emergencies.
      ... Tissue-to dry yours or someone else's tears
      ... A toothpick - to help you "pick" out the good qualities in others and yourself; to be easy going, and not too picky; to pick out the good in every one, including yourself
      ... Tootsie roll - to help you roll with the set backs
      ... toy airplane - for just 'plane' fun

      Put the items listed in a baggie & include the following (they can be actual items, pictures of, or die cuts)-
      Carrot, coal - A carrot & some coal, to make a winter friend - just add snow.
      Chocolate kiss - Snowflakes are kisses from Heaven.
      Fake snow - Got snow?; Snow happens.
      Hat, scarf - Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.
      Heart - Shaped from the cold by the warmth of young hearts.
      House - Snow place like home.
      Icicle - snowmen have good ice-sight
      Mittens - Cold hands, warm heart; Thanks for lending a helping hand.
      Package - Snowmen are unassembled gifts from Heaven.
      piece of white fleece, felt, etc - Life is like a blanket of snow. Be careful how you step on it.
      Every step will show
      Snow cone - for making snow ice cream.
      When it starts to snow, place a large, clean bowl outside to collect the flakes. When full, stir in sugar and vanilla to taste, then stir in just enough milk for the desired consistency. Serve at once.
      Snowflakes - Life is like a snow storm: you run into a lot of flakes. even Frosty began as a flake
      Snow wand - close your eyes, click your heels together 3 times while saying: there's snow place like home; there's snow place like home; there's snow place like home.
      I'm dreaming of a white winter.
      It's snow time!
      Ready; set - Snow!
      Star - Starlight, Star right, please don't let me melt tonight.
      Styrofoam balls for snow balls - when you need a snowball's chance in hell.
      Sunglasses - Don't get too much snow.
      white angel - I believe in snow angels
      ---jazbo 01.11.07

      MARBLES-for when you lose yours
      CANDLE-to light up the darkness
      COTTON BALL-to soften the rough moguls ahead
      SPONGE-to soak up the wetness from the snow
      POPSICLE STICK-in case you need a splint
      PENNY-to give you extra 'cents' when you need it
      BATTERY-so you can keep going, and going, and going
      SAFETY PIN-to remind you to be safe can also add
      COMPASS-to make sure you're going the right way

      ... angel - to watch over you each day
      ... balloon - to lift your spirits when they are sagging
      ... CANDLE-To wish you a bright future
      ... crayon - so you can draw upon our love
      ... HUG- For when you need one
      ... LIFESAVER-To let you know I'll always be there for you
      ... LUCKY PENNY-For luck where ever you are; so you will never be broke
      ... MINT-I "mint" to tell you how proud I am of you
      ... PAPER CLIP-So we will always be close
      ... Rubber band- a reminder to stay Flexible to meet the demands of each day.
      ... SMARTIE-Because you are one
      ... TOOTHPICK-So you will pick the best routes in life

      Soul Food encouragement jar
      Include 30 scripture references or words of wisdom
      ... "Don't let your worries get the best of you, remember, Moses started out as a basket case"
      ... Some people are kind, polite, and sweet-spirited - until you try to sit in their pews.
      ... Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on your front door forever.
      ... Quit griping about your church; if it was perfect, you couldn't belong.
      ... God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should you?
      ... We were called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges
      ... Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.
      ... Don't put a question mark where God put a period.
      ... Forbidden fruits create many jams.
      ... God loves everyone, but probably prefers "fruits
      of the spirit" over "religious nuts!"
      ... The best mathematical equation I have ever seen:
      1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given.
      ... It is easier to preach ten sermons than it is to live one.
      ... When you get to your wit's end, you'll find God lives there.
      ... People are funny, they want the front of the bus, the middle of the road, and the back of the church.
      ... If the church wants a better pastor, it only needs to pray for the one it has.
      ... Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.
      ... Peace starts with a smile.
      ... I don't know why some people change churches; what difference does it make which one you stay home from?
      ... A lot of church members who are singing "Standing on the Promises" are just sitting on the premises.
      ... Don't wait for 6 strong men to take you to church.
      ... God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
      ... God grades on the cross, not the curve.
      ... God loves everyone, but probably prefers "fruits of the spirit" over "religious nuts!"
      ... God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.
      ... He who angers you, controls you!
      ... If God is your Copilot - swap seats!
      ... Prayer: Don't give God instructions -- just report for duty!
      ... The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.
      ... The Will of God will never take you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.
      ... We don't change the message, the message changes us.
      ... You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to .... discourage him.
      ... It's easy to be an angel until someone ruffles your feathers.

      Spider bite
      - spider keeper - some kind of a box
      - vampire teeth to suck the poison out
      - rag for a tourniquet
      - spider ID card
      - a fly swatter (or old shoe) for killing it
      a fake scapel or doctors kit
      a can of spider-b-gone
      plastic spiders
      a pin button that says been bitten by spider need help
      a tape of a girl screaming
      a bottle of fake pills (m&m's)for spider bite cure
      a fake pet spider with or without a leash
      - mylar confetti
      - spider cider
      - spider in soap

      Ooooh, you got bit by a spider,
      But you're doing OK.
      We're glad to hear that,
      and wanted to say -

      Beware of biter spites,
      'cause they are no fun;
      They are very painful,
      when it's all said & done.
      © Jazbo 8.05

      "Spoil Me" Manicure & Pedicure kit.
      Fill quart size paint cans with a couple of nail polishes, emery boards, nail polish remover, small hand cream, cotton pads, etc. personalize the label

      Sponge kit
      -give a small sponge and add this list of uses to the sponge
      When in doubt, pull the "sponge" out to:
      -wipe away those little and big messes we get ourselves into
      -dab off the perspiration from our brow when the heat is on
      -wring when a neck is not available
      -toss against the wall should we be in the need of having a temper tantrum
      -rest our head on when a short nap is in order
      -pick at instead of pulling our hair out
      -to squeeze when a hug is the answer
      -to give to a friend when a friend is in need to soak up all the good thoughts & prayers coming your way

      #2 -
      Cut sponges to look like a little boy & girl, add the poem -
      Children are like sponges they absorb all your strength and leave you limp.
      But give them a squeeze & you get it all back.

      sport's fan
      ... Pencil/paper - for keeping score
      ... 10000 dollar bar - to help pay for the players
      ... Paper clip - for clipping
      ... ear plugs - for when you don't want to hear the score
      ... band aid - to cover your wounds if they loose
      ... flag - for cheering
      ... rose- for making up to your wife, the football widow
      ... A bad call brick (foam covered in football or team fabric)
      ... a Dammit doll would be good
      Eraser - to remind you every team makes mistakes
      Ball - for when they drop theirs
      Sponge - to soften any falls
      Ice Pack - For Bruises and black eyes
      Throat Lozenges - for all the screaming from the sidelines
      Marbles - to replace the ones you loose
      Teeth -(candy) to replace the ones you could loose
      Star - Every team needs one; every team has at least one
      Snickers Bar - Even losers can laugh
      Puzzle Piece - Each player is an important part of the team
      Gob Stopper - Don't swear at the officials.

      Spring break for mormons
      - practice safe 'text'
      - wear a fanny pack & keep your scriptures in them as a 'chastity belt'
      - remember you are there to find an eternal companion, not eternal damnation
      - modest is the hottest. keep your clothes on.
      - have fun. 'the-I'm-going-to-Disneyland' kind of fun, not the 'I'm-auditioning-for-MTV's- Jersey Shore' type of fun.

      1. The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you "pick out" your special qualities and skills.
      3. The Peppermint is the "mint" you are worth to your school or organization.
      4. The Laffy Taffy will remind you to always keep your sense of humor.
      5. Candy is the "sweetness" you bring into the lives of those you touch.
      6. The Candy Lipstick will help you communicate effectively.
      7. The Tootsie Roll Pop will remind you of the important "role" you play.
      8. The Smarties will help you solve the challenging problems you face.
      9. The Candy Watch is to thank you for the "quality time" you spend doing your job.
      10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your talents are truly "out of this world".

      ... Balloon: To help you blow off steam before you stamp.
      ... Brayer- To spread joy and color
      ... Candle: To give you light when you're stamping in the wee morning hours and to give you bright ideas; to fire up your inspiration.
      ... Cardstock- The perfect medium for expressing ourselves and our individuality
      ... Catalog -So you can always have a dream
      ... Corner Rounder- Everyone needs to round their corner every now and then and not be a square
      ... Cotton ball: To place in ears to block out all distractions.
      ... Eraser -To erase all the bad things that can happen during the course of a stamping day; To remind you that everyone makes mistakes & it is OK.
      ... Fan: To blow all that glitter and powder off your work area.
      ... Glitter- To put sparkle in your life; A stamper's Makeup; on all your creations.
      ... Glue -To hold it all together
      ... Gum: To use when your tape runs out at 3:00 in the morning; to use in a pinch.
      ... Hole Punch -If it can't be done, you can prove that it can, thereby punching a hole in the theory of impossibility
      ... Inkpad-So we can leave our stamp on the world, ever changing and colorful
      ... Lollipop: To give to your child (DH/Grandchild) so they'll leave you alone while you're stamping
      ... Mask -To cover up the stuff you don't want to see
      ... paperclip - to hold all your ideas together
      ... Penny: So you have enough "cents" to realize that stamping comes before all else
      ... A piece of string: To help you hold it all together; to remember deadlines.
      ... Q-Tips: To get rid of those traces of embossing powder.
      ... Rubber band: When you gotta have more rubber and to stretch your creativity.
      ... Sponge: To soak up all those little smudges.
      ... Stamps -To leave an image, no matter how small, of who we are, what we like, and what we can't seem to live without!
      ... Starburst: To give you a burst of energy so you can go on stamping
      ... Sticker: To hide your little mistakes
      ... Tissue: To wipe the glitter off your face.

      Stormy weather
      - one of those paper drink umbrellas
      - rain bonnet

      - sunglasses

      - ear plugs

      - paper fan: fan your fears away

      Cross in my pocket

      Prayer rock
      I'm just a little shiny rock
      that your NaNa found.
      I'll help calm your fears,
      if you keep me around.
      Please don't scream or holler,
      or roar like a lion;
      Just close your eyes & say your prayers,
      & soon you'll stop your cryin'.
      I'll send your fears straight up to
      your loving Heavenly Father.
      Then sleep will come, the storm
      will calm so it won't be a bother.
      ---Bonnie Jasperson, 16 July 09

      St. Patrick's
      A four-leaf clover - so the luck of the Irish will always be with you
      A gold coin - so you'll never be broke
      Green Crayon or marker - so you can color the world green today
      A Green Mint (starlight or Andes) - because your worth a mint to me
      Green Smiley face - because smiling is contagious
      Green Tea/Irish Tea - to relax or for the morning after
      Irish Blessing - to remind you to count yours
      Leprechaun Kisses (Hershey kisses) - so you can share a little love

      Stress Sack
      This is your stress sack. Use it so no one can step on your last nerve!
      Rubber band-A reminder to stretch your mind, body, and soul.
      Tissue-A reminder that suffering is part of life, and so is reaching out to ourselves and others.
      Candy Kiss and Hug-A reminder that we all need a hug or kiss or word of encouragement every day.
      Penny-A reminder to value our thoughts and share them with others.
      Eraser-A reminder that we can make mistakes and, more often than not, correct them.
      Toothpick-A reminder to tolerate differences and "pick out" good qualities in others.
      Paper clip-A reminder to keep "it" (whatever "it" is) in order
      Smarties-A reminder that we as teachers have so much to offer.

      ... Balloon - to let out built-up hot air, deflate anger & release stress
      ... Band-Aid - For when things get a little rough; To help you through the rough times
      ... Battery - To give you that extra charge to keep you going... and going.
      ... Candle-To help you to shine brightly; you can brighten someon's day
      ... Choc bar - To help you take a break
      ... Confetti- To remind you to have fun
      ... Cotton Ball - For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of family and friends
      ... Crayon - To color your day bright and cheerful
      ... ear - a picture or drawing of an ear so she'll always have a 'listening ear' to vent her problems on; at Halloween they have plastic ears for sale.
      ... Eraser - To remind you that you can start every day with a clean slate
      ... flyswatter - to get rid of the little things that bug you
      ... Glitter - To remind you to shine and always try your best.
      ... Gum - To remind you to stick to it
      ... Happy face- Smiling is contagious
      ... Herbal tea bag - A natural lift
      ...highlighters - to highlight your life
      ... Jelly Bean To add some color to your day
      ... Chocolate Kiss - To remind you that you are loved
      ... Lollipop - To help you lick any problems
      ... Map - So you won't lose your way
      ... Marble - For when you lose yours; For when you feel as though you are losing yours - lose this instead; for those days when you're sure you've lost yours
      ... Match - To light your fire when you're feeling burned out
      ... Mints - For moments like these
      ...paints - "Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it." -Danny Kaye
      ... Paper clip - To help keep things together when they seem to be out of control.
      ... Penny - So you will never have to say, "I'm broke".
      ... Pin- To remind you to stay sharp
      ... Potholder - For when things get too hot to handle
      ... Puzzle Piece - Without you things wouldn't be complete
      ... Piece of Rope - When you reach the end of yours, this will keep you going a bit longer
      ... Rubber Band - To stretch yourself beyond your current limits; when you feel stretched to your limit, stretch this instead
      ... Safety pin - To help you stay sharp
      ...seeds - to remind you that you are always changing & growing
      ... Smartie - To help you on those days when you don't feel smart ( A whole pack of smarties, of course.)
      ... Snickers - To remind you to take time to laugh
      ... Star- To remind you to shine and always try your best
      ... Starburst - To give you a burst of energy on days when you don't have any
      ... Small Smooth Stone - To remind you that the rough times help to refine and polish
      ... A String - To tie things together when everything falls apart
      ... Tape- To fix things that will not work
      ... Toothpick To help you pick out the good things in everyone
      ... Wick - To help you lighten up

      ... Sponge - to soak up all the knowledge
      ... Eraser - to remind you that each day you can start with a clean slate.
      ... Candle - for when you are burning the midnight oil studying (wicks at both ends); when you are up late studying
      ... Cotton ball - for when you can't hear yourself think
      ... Button - to remind you that sometimes you have to button your lip
      ... Paper clip - to keep things together
      ... Rubber band - to remind you to be flexible, things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out.
      ... Pack of Gum - so your class can "stick" together; stick to your educational goal
      ... Pencil - to write your wrongs
      Tootsie roll - to help you roll with the punches
      ... Mounds Bar - for all the information you will need to retain
      ... safety pin - for little emergencies
      ... Toothpicks - to hold your eyes open during class
      ... Lifesaver - for when you feel you are drowning in information
      ... Skor Candy Bar - to remind you to score well on your tests
      ... Sweet & Sour Candy - to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others
      ... Tissue - to wipe the sleep out of your eyes
      ... .Sucker - to remind you not to be a "sucker" be your own person; you can lick your problems
      ... Carefree Gum - to remind you to have fun
      ... Hugs & Kisses - to remind you I am always here and I love you; you are loved
      ©Paulette, 1998~~TLC Creations

      1. The Swedish Fish will remind you to "get hooked" on learning. It lasts a lifetime.
      2. The Peppermint is to thank you for your commit"mint" to being a responsible student.
      3. The Saf-T-Pop will keep you making choices that are "safe" and healthy.
      4. The Candy Lipstick will help you develop important communication skills.
      5. The Bubble Gum will encourage you to be persistent. "Stick with it" and you can achieve your goals.
      6. The Smarties will help you solve challenging problems.
      7. The Laffy Taffy will remind you that "laughter" is always the best stress reliever.
      8. The Tootsie Roll Pop will help you "roll" with your mistakes. Remember, they are stepping stones to success.
      9. The Candy Watch will remind you to always complete your assignments accurately and "on time".
      10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your talents are truly "out of this world".

      Student Prayers
      Now I lay me down to study,
      I pray the Lord I won't go nutty.
      If I should fail to learn this junk,
      I pray the Lord I will not flunk.
      Now I lay me down to rest,
      And pray I pass tomorrow's test.
      If I should die before I wake,
      That's one less test I'll have to take.

      ...a pair of angel wings - for traveling at the speed of flight
      ...sandpaper - to sand out any rough places
      ...snacks - you know about air travel food scrap angel - just because
      ...make a little card that says something about luggage insurance - in case your gets lost
      ...toothpicks - for keeping your eyes open for those long flights
      ...waxed candy lips - for when you need a break from smiling all the time
      ... life savers - for everyone's safety
      ... packets of coffee, tea - remember: coffee, tea or me?
      ... kite - for flying high
      ... toy airplane - for just 'plane' fun
      ... balloon - for up, up & away!

      1. Heart Lollipop
      "Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love." - David McCullough
      2. Starlight Mint
      "To accomplish great things, we must dream as well as act." - Anatole France
      3. Laffy Taffy
      "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." - E.E. Cummings
      4. Candy Watch
      "Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going." - Sam Levenson
      5. Dubble Bubble Gum
      "If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate." - Thomas J. Watson
      6. Smarties
      "Success is more attitude than aptitude." - Unknown

      Summer camp
      ... extra pillow
      ... journal
      ... friendship bracelets
      ... photos
      ... phone card
      ... funny boxers
      healthy snacks like mixed nuts, granola/fruit bars, fruit, etc. chewing/bubble gum
      water bottle or bottled water with individual packets of lemonade or fruit drink mix-think crystal lite and wal-mart has their own little packets that are less expensive beef jerky-ok not so healthy at times-i would take it for me and my daughter to cheer comps-helps hold off hunger pangs until you can get a real meal assorted crackers wetwipes, kleenex, hand sanitizer, makeup remover packs, chapstick

      Summer Care Package
      This Summer care package was made especially for you.
      so you can be cared for all summer through
      The hand cream will keep your skin from getting dry
      as you stand outside gazing at the clear blue sky
      the tissues are there in case you begin to sneeze
      as you frolic in the flowers, pollen blowing in the breeze
      the lip balm just in case your lips should peel
      while in the water with a giggle and squeal
      in case your towel - gets dripping wet
      a mug of hot chocolate will help you forget.
      Summer though beautiful still has dark night
      so here is a candle, to bring you more light
      and last but not least a teddy bear, faithful and true
      to wish you good cheer and drive away any summer blues.
      with this package comes our best wishes without fail
      held together in a decorated pail

      Sunshine box
      Make sure the box is yellow....or wrap all the gifts in bright yellow paper.
      2. lemon drops
      3. A box of Sunkist fruit chews
      4. A sunkist labeled orange
      5. yellow smiley face stickers
      6. yellow slippers
      7. Packet of lemonade
      8. yellow socks
      9. Yellow pillow case
      10. Yellow recipe cards
      11. Yellow Post-a-Notes
      12. Lemon Cookies or Lemon Cake
      13. Box of yellow tissues.
      14. A funny VHS or DVD
      15. An uplifting & funny book, make a yellow bookcover.
      16. "Bottled Sunshine".
      17. photos from a sunny day at the beach
      18...a yellow yo-yo angel with get well wishes
      19...a joke jar with yellow candies & get well jokes
      20...fill a small jar with fine beach sand, a couple of shells, etc.
      21...funky yellow sunglasses
      22...yellow markers, etc.
      23...send her a sunny postcard once a week
      24. yellow balloons
      25. bouquet of yellow flowers or sunflowers

      #1 -
      Here's a box of sunshine
      In case you're feelin' low
      It's meant to keep you cheery
      And set you all aglow!

      #2 -
      Well, I'm feeling rather useless
      As I'm much too far away
      To be of any help to you
      While your injured in this way

      So I sat and thought what could I do
      To show how much I care
      I decided to make a Sunshine box
      To keep you smiling there

      Now take your time and open
      A present every day
      Then you will find that little smiles
      Will surely come your way

      And when the last ones taken
      Leave the lid up, open wide
      For the box is till not empty
      It's filled with love inside
      -----(C) 0204 Yvonne Lowther

      ... battery-to help you keep going and going
      ... Hershey's Hugs -when you need one
      ... lifesavers-when you think you are drowning in work
      ... marble-for when you lose yours
      ... match or candle-to brighten or lighten things up
      ... mint-because you're worth a mint
      ... rubber band-to hold things together
      ... Snickers bar-when you need to laugh
      ...Diaper - it looks like it's time for a change
      ...Can - sorry we all got canned
      ...lollipop - to help lick our problems
      ...animal crackers - this place would have been a zoo without you
      ...match - you are matchless as a superviser

      ... Cotton cushion the rough roads
      ... color your day bright and cheerful
      ... Happy Faces...smiling helps you heal faster
      ... Hershey's Hug and Kiss...for whenever you need one
      ... Joke Book...Laughing helps you heal faster
      ... remind you that friends are here to help
      ... Marble/ keep you rolling on the road of recovery
      ... Needle and case the stitches don't hold
      ... remind you that after the storm comes the rainbow
      ... keep you bouncing back
      ... Starburst...when you need a burst of energy
      ----Designed by Paulette; Submitted by Rhonda

      sweet 16
      Party hat - so you always remember this special party
      A party top hat--cause you're tops!
      Foil - It's your day to shine
      Confetti - to celebrate your *Sweet 16*
      Candle - May all your wishes and dreams come true Lifesavers - may all the days of the rest of your life, be the very BEST of your life
      Candy - May your special day be as sweet as you are!
      An ice cream cone - to savor all the special moments of your *Sweet 16*
      Sprinkles - to shower you with a rainbow of happiness Crayons - So you can have a bright and colorful year
      Fun streamer - May "Sweet 16" be filled with fun and special dreams come true
      Pen - wishing you all the happiness a day can *hold* Calendar * may your days be filled with lots of sweet surprises all year through
      Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it
      Whoppers - hope you had a *whopping* good time at your Sweet 16
      Dog bone candy - I am *doggone* happy that I was able to spend this special day with you

      Swim Coach
      ... band aid - to fix hurt feelings
      ... clay - to remind you that you are forming young people's lives
      ... ear plugs - for when you can't hear yourself think
      ... gum - to help your team stick together
      ... marbles - to replace the ones you will lose
      ... peanuts - to remind you it's ok to be a little nutty sometimes
      ... piece of string - use when you get to the end of yours
      ... puzzle piece - to remind you that the puzzle is not complete if one piece is missing
      ... rubber band - to remind you to be flexible
      ... snicker's bar - to remind you that laughter can cure most anything
      ... Sponge - to remind you that some days your students will think you are all wet
      ... sweet & sour candy - to help you accept & appreciate the differences in others
      ... toothpick - to help you pick out the good qualities in your swimmers

      Swine flu kit
      small bottle of water
      plastic gloves - the cheap, throw-away kind
      small bar of soap
      hand sanitizer
      mint decorated to look like a pig
      masks - decorated to look like a pig; cheap throw-away ones
      toy pig
      pink baloon
      The Pandemic is here;
      it's wine flu season.
      Use extreme caution,
      within reason.
      Preventative measure are best
      to stay in the pink.
      So here's a bottle of water
      for you to drink.
      Plastic gloves are nice,
      if you can't wash your hands;
      Or use hand sanitizer,
      when you can.
      This oink'mint' does wonders,
      in case anyone asks;
      Remember: cover your mouth,
      with these fun masks.
      A cute little pig,
      and a pink balloon,
      Bring good wishes that
      you'll squeal better soon.
      ---Jazbo 10.09

      ... A few of your own written memories of the person,
      ... Picture of the person in a small frame,
      ... Potpourri,
      ... Pretty Hankie (or small pkt. of Kleenex),
      ... Small book: Within Heaven's Gates,
      ... Tiny vial of "oil of joy" (for mourning),
      ... God box - to write your worries, sorrow, on slips of paper & give them to God

      Tampon angel
      (Use Playtex because they fan out into a cone shape.)
      1. Dip into water until tampon expands.
      2. Remove and tie at the top to create the angel's head.
      3. Let hang (by handy dandy string) for several days until dry.
      4. Paint face with peach or skin tone color. Draw small black dots for eyes.
      5. Add blush or pink paint to cheeks.
      6. Paint "dress" with glimmer paint.
      7. Crisscross thin gold ribbon across chest (around neck).
      8. Add yellow doll hair to top of head and a gold pipe cleaner for a halo.
      9. For the grand finale...glue small gold angel wings to back.

      Band aid - for when things get a little rough; - to help fix any hurt feelings
      Bath salts - to take you away - you deserved a quiet break
      Crayon - to color your day bright and cheerful
      Candle - for when you are up late grading papers
      Ear plugs - when you just can't take it anymore
      Eraser - to remind you everyone makes mistakes and they can be erased.
      Gum - to help your class "stick" together
      Hugs and Kisses - for when you need one
      Jewel - because you are so precious; - because you are as valuable as any precious stone
      Lifesaver - for when you've had one of those days; you are a lifesaver to many of your students Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
      Mint - to remind you that you are worth a "mint" to your students
      Mounds Bar - for the mounds of confidence you give your students
      Paperclip - to hold it all together
      Peanuts - so you can be a little nutty
      Puzzle Piece - without you the class wouldn't be complete
      Rubberband - to remind you to be flexible
      Shiny Penny - to remind you, each will shine in their own special way
      Sponge - to soak up the overflow, when your brain is too full
      Starburst - to give you a "burst" of energy when you need it
      Tissues - to wipe away the tears...yours and theirs.

      1.The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you "pick out" the excellent qualities of your students and yourself.
      3. The Candy Lipstick will guide your daily words of encouragement every student needs.
      4. The Saf-T-Pop will help provide a safe and nurturing environment.
      5. The Candy Necklace represents the circle of learning (teacher-school-community) of which you are such a vital part.
      6. Candy is the "sweetness" you bring into the lives of those you teach.
      7. Baby Ruth will keep you from "striking out" while striving to reach your goals.
      8. The Peppermint is the "mint" of extra pay you most certainly deserve.
      9. The Laffy Taffy will remind you to always keep your sense of humor.
      10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your talents are truly "out of this world."
      Put some of the above items into a can & give with a poem:

      #1 -
      I've heard you got the call
      That you are now a teacher here
      The children will be so happy
      And will give a mighty cheer

      Here are a few items
      Use them with a plan
      Why? Well just because
      A Teacher Can!

      #2 -
      A teacher can do many things
      As they go along life's way
      They can teach you sums and english
      How to write and how to play
      They can teach you to read stories
      And how to treat your fellow man
      But most of all they give you knowledge
      Why, because a teacher can
      ---(C) 0504 Yvonne Lowther

      #3 -
      May this little kit help you
      survive a year of school
      and on those trying days
      help you keep your cool...

      There's mounds to thank you for
      the mounds of homework you grade
      and Rolaids for those days when
      you could really use an aide...

      Mints to instantly refresh
      your weary mind on the spot
      and a lifesaver because we
      appreciate you a "hole" lot...

      A crayon to color your days
      sunny, bright and dazzling
      and a bath bomb to relax
      after a day of frazzling...

      A stick of gum to help
      your great ideas to stick
      and a teabag to remind
      we think you are tea-rific!

      #4 -
      please help me
      to strengthen their voices,
      bodies & minds,
      to express their feelings &
      control them sometimes,
      to explore what's near
      & venture afar,
      but most important to love
      who they are.
      ---by marylina

      Teacher's Aide
      Contained in this kit are items to help you become a wonderful teacher:
      ... Band-aid - to heal hurt feelings, yours or theirs
      ... Button- to remind you to sometimes "button your lip"
      ... candle - for when you stay up late working on assignments
      ... Cotton - for when you can't hear yourself think
      ... Hugs & Kisses - when you need one
      ... jewel - because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
      ... Lollipop - to lick your problems
      ... Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost (extra included, you'll need once you become a teacher
      ... mint - to remind you, that you are worth a "mint" to the class
      ... Mounds bar - for the mounds of help you are to the teacher
      ... Pack of gum - so you all can "stick" together
      ... paperclip - to hold your busy life together
      ... Pencil - to :"write your wrongs"
      ... penny - so you'll never be broke; to keep a 'cents' of humor
      ... Rubberband - so you always stay flexible
      Tissues - to wipe the tears from joy and happiness
      ... toothpick - so you can "pick" out the qualities that make a great teacher
      ... Tootsie Roll - so you can roll with the punches
      Submitted by Rhonda

      Teacher's Prayer
      Lord, help me to make my classroom a place where love and learning come to life. Guide me in all that I do that I may strive not so much to teach, as to awaken, not so much to instruct, as to inspire. Save me from complacency of ready-made answers by an ever-present sense of the wonder of your creation. Above all, help me to give my students love ~ a love gentle enough to touch, but firm enough to leave them room to grow. And help me to give it now ~ that they may share it with a world in need of love.

      Teenage Pills (M&M)
      #1 -
      Heres a little birthday gift
      A pack of teenage pills
      Each one has a different meaning
      To help you with your skills
      The Blue will help you chill out
      When a teenage tantrum starts
      The Red will bring you love again
      And help you find a new sweetheart
      The Green will bring good luck your way
      The Orange will bring a sweet dream
      And when you take the brown one
      Things won't be as bad as they seem
      So I hope this little present
      Although it's meant as fun
      Will make your Birthday special
      As you pick and choose each one
      (c) 0604 Yvonne Lowther

      #2 -
      Teenage years can be stressful
      And life can seem so tough
      But here's something to help you
      When the road seems a little rough.
      Just pick out the one that suits you
      Maybe you need to take a few
      And know things will get better
      When you believe in you.
      ~Sue Pitchfork~

      Green - to bring you some cash
      Red - to attract the opposite sex
      Yellow - to see the good side of everything.
      Blue - to help you keep your temper.
      Orange - to give your confidence a boost
      Brown - to improve career prospects.

      BATTERY - Party on and on and on.
      BAND AID - for the blisters from all the dancing at the prom.
      CRAYON - so you can have a bright and colorful day.
      CANDLE - remember not to burn it at both ends.
      STAR - you shine brightly without artificial aids.
      PICTURE OF CLOCK - take time to think before you act.
      CONFETTI -To celebrate the joys of being young.
      WIGGLE EYES - look out for your mates and ask them to keep an eye on you.
      STICK OF GUM - help you "chews" the right things in life.
      HAPPY FACE STICKER - smiling is contagious.
      PACIFIER - Don't be a dummy - Think and then think again.
      LIFESAVERS - Remember help is always available.
      SUCKER - Don't be a "sucker" : make your own choices.
      SAFETY PIN - to help remind you to be safe.
      PACKET OF SEEDS -To remind you that you are still growing and will blossom into a great adult.

      As party time draws near again
      Just think before you act
      It might seem good to follow others
      But once you do there's no turning back

      For alcohol can be quite nice
      If taken in a small burst
      But drugs are such a no no
      As its not you who feels the hurt

      Think twice before you try it
      Just look and you will find
      There's much more to life, than drink and drugs
      Yes you're much more important to mankind

      We don't want you to be a martyr
      And we're not saying 'don't have fun'
      Just stop a while before you act
      And think of Number one
      (c) 0204 Yvonne Lowther

      #3 -
      Teen years can be really hard
      Peer pressure takes it's toll,
      But no one looks beautiful
      With their head stuck in a bowl.
      The decisions you make now
      Remain with you for years,
      So make memories of smiles
      Not built on fears and tears.
      And yes the world looks rosy
      After a pill or shot,
      But when you wake in the gutter
      You won't feel so hot.
      Destructive decisions only hurt
      So think before you act,
      And enjoy the years of youth
      You matter - that's a fact!
      ~ Sue Pitchfork~

      ... eraser - for checking your work
      ... gum - chews the right answers
      ... highlighters - to highlight all your success
      ... lollipop - to lick your problems
      ... paper clip -to help keep things under control & together
      ... pencil grip - to help keep a grip on things
      ... pencil sharpener - to keep your wits sharp
      ... small smooth stone - remember: rough times polish & refine
      ... smarties - to boost your test-taking brain power
      ... sticker - to stick to the task at hand
      For best results, combine with:
      ... a night of restful sleep
      ... a nutritious breakfast
      ... a good attitude
      Possible side effects:
      ... improved test-taking skills
      ... good grades
      ---Leslie Sausage

      ... bandana
      ... barbeque sauce
      ... Bluebonnet seeds
      ... boots
      ... cowboy hat
      ... horse
      ... horse shoes
      ... insect repellant came to mind
      ... mint to say you were "mint" to be here
      ... shotgun shell
      ... small Texas flag
      ... snuff can.
      ... yellow rose

      Texas wisdom:
      The engine's runnin' but ain't nobody driving
      Not overly-intelligent

      As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party

      Tighter than bark on a tree
      Not very generous

      Big hat, no cattle
      All talk and no action

      We've howdied but we ain't shook yet
      We've made a brief acquaintance, but not been formally introduced

      He thinks the sun come up just to hear him crow
      He has a pretty high opinion of himself

      She's got tongue enough for 10 rows of teeth
      That woman can talk

      It's so dry the trees are bribin' the dogs
      We really could use a little rain around here

      Just because a chicken has wings doesn't mean it can fly
      Appearances can be deceptive.

      This ain't my first rodeo
      I've been around awhile

      He looks like the dog's been keepin' him under the porch
      Not the most handsome of men

      They ate supper before they said grace
      Living in sin

      Time to paint your butt white and run with the antelope
      Stop arguing and do as you're told

      As full of wind as a corn-eating horse
      Rather prone to boasting

      You can put your boots in the oven, but that don't make em biscuits
      You can say whatever you want about something, but that doesn't change what it is

      That's a fur piece.
      It'll take you awhile to get there

      Don't worry 'bout the mule son, just load the wagon
      just do your part and I'll do mine

      Don't call him a cowboy, till you've seen him ride
      Don't judge a book by its cover

      She's been rode hard and put away wet
      refers to an unnattractive, hard-looking woman

      toad choker
      a heavy rain

      frog strangler
      also a heavy rain

      finer than frog hair
      use anywhere you might use the word "fine"

      rarer than hen's teeth
      pretty darn rare

      to spill, as in "I jes' tumped over mah beer"

      Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Mountain Dew, Big Red, etc.

      Some Texas Wisdom
      Never slap a man who's chewin' tobacco.
      Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier'n puttin' it back in.
      If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make sure it's still there.
      If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around.
      Never kick a cow chip on a hot day.
      There's two theories to arguin' with a woman. Neither one works.
      If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.
      Don't squat with your spurs on.
      It don't take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep
      Always drink upstream from the herd.
      Never miss a good chance to shut up.
      There are 3 kinds of people: The ones that learn by reading, the few who learn by observation, and the rest of them who have to touch the fire to see for themselves if it's really hot.

      Texas Hold'em
      ... almond Joy - to remind you that this is supposed to be fun
      ... Fritos - when you loose all your 'chips' at the table, here are some extra ones; for when you have gone 'all in' with your poker chips
      ... hugs & kisses - to remind you that no matter what, you are loved
      ... kleenex - to wipe away the tears if you lose
      ... lollipop - to remind you not to be a 'sucker'
      ... magic wand - to help with your game
      ... mounds - for the 'mounds' you hope to win
      ... penny -to give you the extra 'cents' to know when to check, fold or bet
      ... playing card - your ace in the hole; up your sleeve
      ... pretend $100 bill - so you go home with something
      ... quarter - so you won't leave there completely broke; so you can call for a ride home
      ... red hots - to make you a 'red hot' winner
      ... stick of gum - for that 'stick-to-it' attitude
      The game of life is not so much in holding a good hand, as it is in playing a poor hand well. Learn when to play & when to fold!

      Aspirin ~~ Take two before you start anything.
      Confetti ~~ To help you remember today is a fun day.
      Paperclip ~~ To help you hold everything together.
      Pair of gloves ~~ When you need two extra hands to help you.
      Marbles ~~ To replace the ones you will loose making dinner.
      Instructions on How to Cook a Turkey ~~ Just in case you forget.
      Snickers Bar ~~ To remind you that laughter can fix anything.
      Cotton Balls ~~ For when you can't hear yourself think anymore from all the guests.
      Lifesavers ~~ In case you start drowning in all the preparations.
      Lollipop ~~ To help you "lick" any problem.
      Tootsie Roll ~~ To remind you to roll with the punches.
      Burgers ~~ In case that turkey doesn't come out quite the way the directions says it should.
      Tums ~~ To share with everyone who didn't know when to stop.
      RubberBand ~~ To increase your waistband after dinner.
      Hugs ~~ Just because you deserve them.
      Tea Bag ~~ For the end of the day, to sit back, relax and remember to count your blessings.
      Button ~~ To replace the one you will loose from eating too much; To remind you it is better to button your lips with certain family members.
      Paulette, TLCcreations...1999

      #2 -
      Wishing good things in abundance for you and a harvest of happiness all the year through!
      Snowman - this marks the unofficial beginning to the winter holiday season
      Wine - step back and give thanks for all the "blessings" we have
      Teabag - In between all the cooking, eating and chaos, remember to take some "time out" to be thankful Heart sticker - remember to give yourself as much "love" as you share with others
      Clock or toy watch - Thanksgiving is a loving "time", a family time, a special place to be-- A sharing time, together time, with all of our family
      Hot cocoa mix - may you always be surrounded with the "warmth" and caring of family and friends
      Toy eye glasses or magnifying glass - Enjoy the simple beauty of the world you "see" around you...
      Joke - Let "laughter" fill your heart with happiness "Special" chocolate - I'm thinking about how "special" you've always been --how your thoughtfulness, your understanding, and your caring have brightened so many days...
      Hugs and kisses - You are important to me and I am thankful to have you in my life
      Smile face sticker - May your Thanksgiving be -- rich with family love, warm with friendship and "happy" with life's goodness
      Spoon - Hope this Thanksgiving brings you a "generous helping" of lasting joy and happiness
      Oatmeal - Wishing you the real "old-fashioned" pleasures of a lovely
      Thanksgiving day Calendar - May you have many new joys and blessings to be thankful for in the "days" ahead Good and Plenty - Wishing you "plenty" of feasting and fun and wonderful memories after it's done
      Lifesavers - Let's pause and be thankful for friendships, deep and true. Like the one you share with me and the one I share with you
      Turkey (sticker) - to remember to "gobble" up all the fun of the day
      Reisen - we have many "reasons" to be thankful on this and every day
      Candy corn - for all the "corny" jokes that are usually told when family gets together

      My version
      ...deer - for all the fawn memories
      ...cow - cow-nt your many blessing
      - families are for'heifer'
      ...fudge - fudge a little & enjoy the holidays
      ...glue - love is the glue that holds a family together
      ...herbs - this Thanksgiving is the perfect 'thyme' to be together
      ...heart - you are always in my heart
      ...bee - 'bee' it ever so humble, there's no place like 'comb'
      ...hugs & kisses (candy) - for someone special
      ...Jolly rancher candy - for all the times we've laughed together
      ...jewel - you are a treasure to me
      ...knot - we are tied together with love
      ...lollipop - together we can lick anything
      ...marble - to remind us not to take each other for 'granite'
      ...pop - we're 'soda'-lighted we're family
      ...puzzle piece - you are an important piece of our lives
      ...quarter - we're here whenever you need us
      ...soup - have a souper holiday

      Things to Remember in Life
      * Having a sharp tongue can cut your own throat. (dull or broken plastic knife)
      * If you want your dreams to come true, don't oversleep. (no doze sleeping pills)
      * The smallest good deed is better than the grandest intention. (a mustard seed)
      * Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. (smiley face stickers, etc.)
      * The best vitamin for making friends....B1. (candy pills)
      * The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice. (copy of 10 commandments)
      * The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.
      * Minds are like parachutes...they function only when open.
      * Ideas won't work unless YOU do.
      * One thing you can't recycle is wasted time. (old watch or clock face)
      * One who lacks the courage to start has already finished.
      * The heaviest thing to carry is a grudge.
      * Don't learn safety rules by accident. (box of bandaids)
      * We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.
      * Jumping to conclusions can be bad exercise. (jump rope)
      * A turtle makes progress when it sticks its head out. (toy turtle)
      * One thing you can give and still your word.
      * A person often seldom reveals his own character as clearly as when he describes another.
      * A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.
      AND FINALLY... The pursuit of happiness is the chase of a lifetime! It is never too late to become what you might have been.
      * Worry is like a rocking chair, gives you something to do but gets you nowhere. (doll house rocking chair)

      Thinking of you
      FROG for when you need to jump to it
      ROPE when you get to the end, tie a knot & hang on
      BALLOON to let the air out of your worries
      RUBBER BAND to help you stretch beyond your expectations
      PAPER CLIP to hold it all together
      PUZZLE PIECE to remind you that you are an important piece of the universe
      PENCIL to write down all your troubles
      ERASER to rub them all out
      TOOTHBRUSH to reach the hard to clean places
      RULER to help measure the length of your tether
      MIRROR to reflect on your reaction
      SAFTEY PIN to help keep it all together
      LIFESAVER for when you feel you are drowning in debt
      PAPER MONEY so your purse will never be empty
      CANDLE to light the end of the tunnel
      BUTTERFLY to show life can be beautiful
      Hugs: To remind you someone cares for you
      BandAid: For healing any hurt feelings
      Candle: For you to share your light
      Cottonball: Cushioned support of friends
      Tissue: To wipe the tears of joy & sadness
      Lifesaver: For all the times you've come to my aid
      Gold Thread: To remind you that friendship is the golden
      thread that ties together the hearts of friends
      Candle: the light at the end of the tunnel
      Clothespin: to help you hang in there
      Laffy Taffy: laughter is the best medicine

      Thirtieth BirthDay
      Oh No! - it's the big 3-0!
      ... almond joy - for a joyful occasion
      ... Candle - may all your birthday wishes & dreams come true
      ... Confetti - don't go to pieces just because you're 30
      ... cough drops - to your health
      ... Crayons - so you can have a bright & colorful day
      ... Fish - 'fishing' you a happy 30th BD
      ... Flower - may your BD be filled with beautiful things
      ... Foil - it's your day to shine
      ... Glue - we have a bond of shared experiences I will always treasure
      ... happy face - for lots of happy moments
      ... lollipops - to help you lick the 30 blues
      ... Pasta - don't let time 'pasta' you by
      ... Shot glass - you call the 'shots'
      ... sun - hope your day is sunny side up
      ... Sweet tarts - it's great having a (son, daughter, friend, etc) as sweet as you
      ... wrapping paper - wishing you a BD wrapped in happiness, touched by magic & filled with love
      Your 20s are over & look what's begun
      Another new decade of good times & fun!

      Thread of friendship
      Put a spool of thread into a baggie and attach the following poem:
      Threads of a friendship
      That will never break:

      Thank you for the laughter,
      For the good times we share.
      Thanks for always listening,
      For trying to be fair.
      Thank you for the comfort,
      When things are going bad.
      Thank you for the shoulder,
      To cry on when I'm sad.
      This gift is a reminder that,
      All my lifetime through,
      I will be thanking heaven,
      For a special friend like you.

      Thrift kit
      A kit could include:
      A small notepad and pencil to jot down notes and project ideas
      Tape measure
      Magnet to test metals
      AA, C, D, 9v, etc. batteries
      magnifying glass
      birthday list
      measurements of windows, nooks, wall spaces, etc. when looking for curtains, furniture, etc.
      family member's clothes and shoe sizes - or outlines of shoes drawn on a piece of paper
      list of book volumes needed to make a set
      trail mix for those times when your energy wanes
      even a lightbulb (in a hard plastic, lidded container)
      To make shopping for my own clothes easier, I often wear tights and a leotard underneath a loose fitting blouse and skirt. Saves time if the lines for the dressing rooms are too long.
      Put the items in an old purse, cookie tin, etc. Make a purse from an old pair of jeans: cut off the legs & sew across. Add denim handles.
      the 'Tool Man'
      idea by Jazbo and shared on the Craft Sayings Board

      You can either used all tools cut out of fun foam, or you could buy cheap plastic toy tools and put them in a plastic tool box.

      hammer: to help you hammer away frustrations
      ruler: remember the Golden Rule
      saw: something to do with cut or sawing away something
      tape measure: to make sure you measures up to expectations
      screws: when life gets screwy, remember I'm here for you
      nails: to help you nail down the solution
      router: to make things groovy
      plane: to smooth out trouble spots
      chalk line: to help keep you on the straight & narrow
      glue: love is the glue that holds a family together
      vice grips: to help you grab a hold of your dreams & hang on

      As you wander, as you roam
      keep this kit at hand,
      it will have it's uses
      as you travel 'round the land.
      Some things are practical
      others just for fun,
      all were packed with love
      before your trip begun.
      So cheerful travels
      enjoy the time away,
      we will see you soon
      have a Happy Holiday!
      ---Sue Pitchfork (jacksmum)

      - Bottled water - Survive the heat
      - Bug repellent - Buzz off flies
      - Chocolate - who needs a reason for this
      - Clock with the hands removed - Who cares what the time is on vacation?!
      - Disposable Camera - Click and smile
      - Feather - Float through any traffic delays
      - ...Hugs - because we miss you
      - Map or Compass - so you never get lost
      - Paper Bag - In case you hyperventilate at the price of souvenirs
      - Postcard of hometown - As Dorothy said "There's no place like home"; to keep in touch
      - Smiley Face - never travel without a sense a humor
      - Sponge - soak up the sun and memories
      - Suntan lotion - Don't want you to burn
      - Tissues - when you watch romantic sunsets
      ...wet wipes - for life's little emergencies

      Spell for safe travel
      As I travel to places afar
      Whether by plan, train or motor car
      I call upon my guardian fairy
      To keep me safe from anything scary
      Make my journey safe & sound
      Wherever in the World I am bound.

      * Bandaid -in case you need some TLC
      Bottled water - Survive the heat
      Bug repellent - Buzz off flies; to repel whatever bugs you
      Chocolate - who needs a reason for this
      Clock with the hands removed - Who cares what the time is on vacation?!
      Disposable Camera - Click and smile
      Feather - Float through any traffic delays
      * Handprint/string (cutout hand, tie string around finger)- "Don't forget, I am thinking of you."
      * Heart -remind you that I care
      Map or Compass - so you never get lost
      * Note Paper
      Paper Bag - In case you hyperventilate at the price of souvenirs
      * Paperclip -can never find one when you need one
      * Phone card - call home
      * Photo (of giver) -remind you that I am thinking of you
      Postcard of hometown - As Dorothy said Theres no place like home
      * Quarter -so you can ride a pony at a grocery store
      * Quarter -to call home
      * Rubberband -to remind you to stay flexible
      * Safety pin -to remind you to stay safe
      * Single use camera - to capture a moment in time forever
      Smiley Face - never travel without a sense a humour; a reminder to keep your sense of humor
      Sponge - soak up the sun and memories
      * Stamped envelope to write home
      * Starburst - for energy when you feel you can't take another step
      Suntan lotion - Don't want you to burn
      Tack -can never find one when you need one
      Tissues - for those romantic sunsets
      * Toothpick - To help you "pick" out the best to see & do

      Truck Driver's
      Bar of Soap - to clean off the road dust
      Button - to remind you that sometimes you need to "button your lip"
      Cotton Ball - for when you sleep so you don't hear the highway noise
      flashlight - so you're never in the dark
      Hug & Kisses - when you just need a hug to make it thru the day
      Marbles - to replace the ones you lost on the road
      Mounds - for the "mounds" of miles you drive
      Paperclip - to hold it all together
      Penny - so you'll never be broke
      Phone card - so you're never out of touch
      Sponge - to soak up all the rain so you don't have to drive in it
      Starburst - to give you a burst of energy for those last miles before home
      Tootsie Roll - so you can "roll" down the highway
      Tums - for all the truck-stop food you love
      Submitted by Rhonda

      ... ..Buy a small matchbox type truck from the dollar store, put it in a bag and put this on it:
      To prevent Truck Drivers withdrawal symptoms,
      Take out of container & play with for 15 mins. daily,
      Return to container for any future medical care.
      See package insert for any side effects!!
      ... .Copy a section of a road map, put that in a baggie with Hershey's Hugs & Kisses and attach this to the baggie:
      All roads lead back to home,
      Where "Hugs & Kisses" await you!!

      ... chocolate turtles - nobody knows the 'turtles' I've seen
      ... ninja turtle things: movies; action figures; comic books; etc.
      ... tortoise shell jewelry - what a treasure!
      ... turtle slippers - to slip into something comfortable
      ... turtle wax - to help you wax strong
      ---jazbo 0606

      Twenty-fifth anniv.
      Silver Bell- to celebrate your "silver" anniversary.
      Dove "Promises"- for your promise to love, cherish and honor each other.
      Seeds- may your love grow stronger, happier and even more wonderful with each passing year.
      Confetti- to celebrate your special day.
      A Poem- to share the beauty of words.
      Skittles- for the rainbow of excitement you share.
      Good & Plenty- may you always remember the "good" times and may you have "plenty" of them.
      Popcorn- we "popped in" to wish you a happy anniversary.
      Sweetarts- because you are each other "sweethearts". Crayons- to "color" your days bright and sunny.
      Cotton Balls- to help soften the rough times.
      Eraser- to remind you that every day you can start with a clean slate.
      Peanuts- to remind you that things can get a little nutty. Paper Clip- to help keep things together.
      Starburst- to give you a "burst" of energy on the days you don't have any.
      Peppermint Patty- for the "cool sensations" you give each other.
      A Candle- for "lighting up" each other's life.
      A Match- because you are a perfect "match"
      . Marbles - to replace the ones you lost through the years. A pack of gum- you "chews" each other for life.
      Junior Mints- because you were "mint" to be together. Rubber Band- to remind you to always be flexible. Memory game-may you always cherish all the wonderful memories you have together.
      Dog bones- we are all "doggone" happy to help you celebrate this special anniversary.
      World- we all think the "world" of you.
      © Pam & Jana's Creations

      It's not the end of the world! Hold your head up, keep a positive attitude & don't give up. You will get through this. Take it a step at a time. Breathe. Losing a job may actually turn out to be an opportunity to land a better job or a new career.
      You CAN & WILL find another job.
      ... candle - to remind you that there is light at the end of the tunnel
      ... chocolate - treat yourself well
      ... Crayon - so you can 'draw' strength from the people who love you
      ... eraser - to remind you that each new day is a new beginning. Keep getting up in the morning. You will find another job. Remember, you have skills! This could be the best thing that ever happened to you!!
      ... fireball - to boost your motivation for checking newspaper adds, job fairs, online sites, local job service offices & employment agencies for job openings, etc.
      ... flower - to remind you to take the time to stop & 'smell the roses'. Taking a couple of hours each day for 'you time' is a valid investment in your mental & physical health
      ... heart - so you can spend an afternoon doing something that you 'love' & that gives you a sense of satisfaction
      ... highlighter - to help you zero in on your talents & 'highlight' your skills & experience
      ... hugs & kisses - losing a job is never easy, I am your friend & I will ALWAYS stand by you
      ... kit kat bar - now's the time to make the most of this 'break' from work
      ... Payday - so you always have a paycheck
      ... pen - to help you update & polish your resume
      ... peppermint patty - you are worth a 'mint' to your family & friends smarties - believe in yourself & your choices, & enjoy your accomplishments & relationships
      ... snickers bar - so your emotions won't get the best of you
      ... stick of gum - stick with it & be patient, the position that's just right for you will show up
      ... tea bag - to help you relax
      ... wiggly eyes - to remind you to keep your eyes open to any opportunity, consider the possibilities; we're watching out for you

      #2 - my version
      ... boat - 'seas' the next opportunity
      ... box - think outside of the box
      ... can - you can make it
      ... clock - it was time for a change anyway
      ... clothespin - to help you hang in there
      ... diaper - when it's time for a change
      ... extension cord - keep pluggin' away
      ... hand - when you need a pat on the back
      ... lollipop - to help lick this problem
      ... payday bar - for between pay checks
      ... pin - if at first you don't succeed, just stick to it
      ... rubber band - keep expanding your job skills
      ... shoe - step out with confidence when you pound the pavement for a new job
      ... train - to keep you on the right track

      Used car salesman
      ... an ancient polyester plaid sport coat
      ... Tacky gold chains
      ... Cigars
      ... Big flashy diamond ring
      ... He has to show like he has tons of money because that will impress everyone around him ya know!
      ... Brilliantine with which to slick back his hair.
      ... white belt with matching white shoes
      ... toy cell phone
      ... toy pager
      ... pocket protector with lots of pens.
      ... toy cars

      Put these in a candy jar:
      Car trouble is when the engine won't start and the payments won't stop.
      Into every life must fall a little rain... usually when the car windows are down.
      ... The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.
      ... Man who run in front of car get "tired". Man who run behind car get "exhausted".
      ... My car has been in the garage so long it is now considered an off road vehicle.
      "The best way to get back on your feet - miss a car payment."...
      (This could be made into a card for him to carry in his wallet. hahahaha)
      The Truth About Car Ads

      ...before it blows up.

      ...was blindsided by a Winnebego.

      ...just don't try to drive it anywhere.

      ...I never had anything fixed, adjusted, or replaced.

      ...each one more troublesome than the next.

      ...unfortunately, that's the best thing I can say about it.

      ...doesn't run.

      ...doesn't run.

      ...doesn't run.

      Key ring - to hold the key to success
      key - the key to success

      Band aid -for boo boos, real or imagined
      * Chopsticks-to remind us that even within the US, there are many different cultures and customs
      * Chuckles-never leave home without the ability to laugh at yourself and situations
      * Clock without hands-forget the clock, you're on vacation!
      * Compass-in case you are with "someone" who can't stop for directions
      Cracker Jacks -vacations always come with good surprises.
      * Disposable camera -capture the fun and memories before they disappear
      * Ear plugs-to avoid the yelling or listening to the 7,000th singing of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall"
      * Feather-to remember to gently float through the vacation rather than racing
      * Map of Kansas-as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home."
      * Paper bag-in case of hyperventilation when you see the prices of souvenirs
      * Plastic bag-to remind us to always bring back small things that will help the vacation live on for years
      * Quarter-someone always needs a quarter for something
      * Rubber band-for flexibility
      * Sponge-to soak up the sun, sand, snow, and memories
      Tissue-for your tears when the motel is booked or for romantic sunsets

      #2 - my version
      ... air freshener - to keep things fresh
      ... beach chair - it's a 'shore' thing
      ... camera - get the picture? Have a great time
      ... care free gum - for a carefree trip
      ... fan - so you can keep your cool when there are delays
      ... film - so you can develop memories for a lifetime
      ... picture frame - picture this! You having a fabulous time
      ... short piece of rope in a small bag and label it "TOW ROPE FOR SHORT HAULS".
      ... postcards - to keep in touch
      ... sponge - to soak up the good times, memories, etc.
      ... sunglasses - your time to shine
      ... toothpick - to help you pick out the best things to see & do
      ... towel - for a damp good time
      ... toy car - to keep you rolling along
      ... wet wipes - for life's little emergencies

      Valentine Care Package
      This Valentine package was made especially for you
      It will be useful to you today and other days too
      The hand cream will keep your skin lovely and smooth
      If they should become dry, it will be there to soothe
      The tissues are there in case you begin to tear
      For this day will be the most sentimental so far this year
      The lip balm just in case your lips should become dry
      For you'll be celebrating with friends as the day goes by
      And to give you a little pick me up
      A packet of hot chocolate, just fill up your cup
      As the day draws close, relax in the the tub
      Light up the candle as you give yourself a rub
      And last but not least a sweet little teddy bear
      Because no matter what, it will always be there
      And I hope you find each item to have good uses
      Because this pail is filled with Valentine wishes!

      Choose some or all of these items to put in a heart shaped box for your Valentine.
      ... Bubble gum - Don't "Burst" my bubble be my Valentine
      ... candle - you light up my life
      ... Candy corn - this may be "corny" but be my valentine
      ... Charmin Tissue- you are too irresistible NOT to squeeze
      ... Cotton ball - to help soften the rough times.
      ... small glasses{{like used on dolls}}= to always help me to SEE clearly
      ... Hand-made certificate to go out to lunch with you
      ... Heart-shaped Frame - you hold a special place in my heart
      ... Hershey's Kiss - A "Kiss" for you, if you'll be mine.
      ... Hugs & Kisses - yours are simply the best!
      ... Jolly Rancher - all the times you've made me laugh
      ... Lighter - for you light up my life Sweet Escapes - the special times we spend alone
      ... Match - we are a perfect "match"
      ... Mint - I "Mint" to ask you to be my Valentine
      ... needle and thread =that binds us together
      ... 100,00 dollar bar - you are worth more than a grand to me.
      ... Pack of Gum - I "chews" you for my Valentine
      ... Peppermint Patty - for the cool "sensations" you give me
      ... Popcorn - because you keep popping in to my thoughts
      ... Promise- To always remember our "promise" to love and cherish each other
      ... RED HOTS... for my body gets hot when I'm with you!
      ... Skittles - for the rainbow of excitement we share
      ... Small Rose,- hand picked for perfection as I picked you..if silk so it will last forever like us.
      ... Snickers Bar - Don't "snicker" I think we'd be cute Valentines
      ... Sucker - I'm no "sucker," I want you for my Valentine.
      ... Sweet Escapes- for those times we spend alone
      ... Valentine Candy,
      ... Valentine Socks,
      ... air freshener - to keep things fresh
      ... beach chair - it's a 'shore' thing
      ... camera - get the picture? Have a great time
      ... care free gum - for a carefree trip
      ... fan - so you can keep your cool when there are delays
      ... film - so you can develop memories for a lifetime
      ... picture frame - picture this! You having a fabulous time
      ... short piece of rope in a small bag and label it "TOW ROPE FOR SHORT HAULS".
      ... postcards - to keep in touch
      ... sponge - to soak up the good times, memories, etc.
      ... sunglasses - your time to shine
      ... toothpick - to help you pick out the best things to see & do
      ... towel - for a damp good time
      ... toy car - to keep you rolling along
      ... wet wipes - for life's little emergencies

      Vegetarian - my idea
      ...Bean - you've always 'bean' there for me
      ...Beets - you are simply the best & can't be 'beet'!
      ...cabbage - you have a good 'head' on your shoulders
      ...carrots - I carrot bout you a lot; 24-carrot friendship
      ...celery - you work hard at your store, earning a 'celery'
      ...corn - I'm all ears if you need to talk beans - you never string me along
      ...lettuce - 'lettuce' always be friends
      ...onions - when we get together, we have a 'bawl'
      ...peas - 'peas' know that you are always in my thoughts
      ...potato - I always keep my 'eyes' 'peeled' for a card or letter from you
      ...turnip - friends like you don't 'turnip' everyday
      ...yam - I 'yam' so grateful to have you as my friend
      ...thyme - thyme is precious & fleeting away
      Maybe include:
      ... spices, seeds, mixing spoons, corn holders, S&P shakers, pot holders, vegetable peeler
      Mrs. Dash - you add a dash of spontenaity to my humdrum life
      Herbal teas - you are such a "teas"!
      other suggestions:
      "To an Incedi - bowl Friend - bread bowl
      Sounds like you two have a very "salad" (solid) friendship! "Squash" the thought of ever leaving each other in a "pickle". Do wish her Merry Christmas from the bottom of your (artichoke) "heart"! "Dash-ing" (Mrs. Dash's seasoning) through the bring her gift. Farmer's Almanac for when to plant vegetables. ---Patty

      "Olive" (I'll love) ya forever!
      You "relish" her friendship!

      Cotton Ball: For those days when the patients are a little noisy.
      Marble: To replace any you have lost.
      Fish: A pet you won't have to take care of.(rubber fish)
      Starburst: To give you energy on those late nights.
      LifeSaver: To remind you that you play important part in the office, at work.
      Mint: You are worth a mint to the patients.
      Hug & Kiss: What your patients
      would give you if they could.
      Starburst - for when it has been a l-o-n-g day
      Jewel - because your talents, compassion, etc is invaluable
      Halo - because you are a saint to the animals & their 'parents' whom you bring relied to

      ... brush - for all those 'hairy' situations
      ... candle - when you are burning the midnight oil with a sick patient
      ... energy bar - when you fell burned out
      ... feather - don't let troubles get you 'down'
      ... halo - because your talents with animals are heaven sent
      ... hugs - one size fits all & are easily returned
      ... jewel - what a treasure you are!
      ... kisses - to remind you how loved you are
      ... lifesaver - for all those times when you have come to the rescue
      ... marble - to keep things rolling smoothly along
      ... mint - in appreciation of your commit'mint'
      ---jazbo 0606

      We are bubbling over with joy that you helped us out this year, You color our world and to the students and the PFC you are very dear. ( a crayon)

      (those clapper hands found at the party store).
      Give yourselves a hand, and we certainly will too, And the basket is to keep your special things for all that you do. (baskets bought at the dollar store_ 3 to a pack).

      (a water splash ball)
      We had a ball and we are glad that you were here, And we give you a candle to find your way to us again next year!( a votive candle).

      (a maze I found at: silly It looks a brain maze).
      It really is a-mazing how our "brains" all work together, And the lei is for a summer that is full of sunny weather! a lei found at any party store).

      (a piece of lifesaver candy)
      To us you are a lifesaver, and we are so glad that you care And we are happy that you joined us to wrap up another great year.(colored cellophane wrap to wrap it all up.

      1. The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you "pick out" your special qualities and skills.
      3. The Peppermint is to thank you for your commit"mint" to helping others.
      4. The Smarties will keep you thinking logically to solve tough problems.
      5. Candy is the "sweetness" you bring into the lives of those you touch.
      6. The Candy Lipstick will help you communicate effectively.
      7. The Heart Lollipop recognizes your volunteering is most certainly a "work of heart".
      8. The Laffy Taffy will remind you to always keep your sense of humor.
      9. The Candy Watch shows how much we appreciate the "time" you so unselfishly give.
      10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your dedication is truly "out of this world".

      Volunteer Guardian ad Litem
      ... cotton ball - to soften the falls that you may have
      ... glasses - to remember to say focused on the needs of each child
      ... jolly rancher - for a good laugh
      ... lifesavers - because that is what you are
      ... Microphone - because you have a powerful voice in a child's life
      ... paper clip - to help you keep your stuff together
      ... penny - so you have the 'cents' to know how valuable you are
      ... piece of rope - when you reach the end of your rope, this will keep you hanging in there a little longer
      ... rubber band - remember: stay flexible
      ... stick of gum - to help you stick to the task at hand
      ... toothpick - a reminder to tolerate differences & pick out the good qualities in others
      ... watch - to remind you that it is worth every minute of being a part of the program
      ... wishing star - to ensure that the court knows the child's wishes

      Mounds bar - for the amount of walking you do
      crayon - to color your day bright and cheerful
      puzzle piece - without you the restaurant wouldn't be complete
      Tootsie roll - to help complaints "roll" off your back
      band aid - for healing hurt feelings, yours or others
      Marbles - to replace the ones you've lost
      rubber band - to remind you to be flexible
      lollipop - to help you lick your problems
      button - to remind you to sometimes "button your lip"
      Hugs & Kisses - to remind you everyone needs a hug
      mint - because you are worth a "mint"
      dollar - for the tip you didn't get
      tissues - to wipe the tears, yours or others
      sponge - to soak up the spills
      paperclip - to hold it all together
      toothpick - to help you "pick" out the good qualities in your customers and other employees
      ... cotton ball - for when the noise gets too loud ( or when you don't want to hear your customers)
      penny - so you'll never be broke
      jewel - because you are as valuable as any precious stone!
      Submitted by Rhonda

      ...fanny pack - to put small things in: chapstick, change, pad & pencil, - what else?
      ...good walking shoes - step out; take it in stride
      ...pedometer - to keep track of how far he/she has walked
      ...water bottle? - 'water' you waiting for? start today
      ...walking stick - have child select a good stick & decorate it; for nature hikes
      ...lists of things to look for, etc. while walking
      ...walk man - for listening to music, tapes, etc.
      sweat band
      tapes and batteries for the Walkman
      shoe laces
      sport socks
      personal alarm
      T-shirt, walking shorts

      Wallpaper hanger's
      Most wallpaper kits contain a water tray, plumb bob, chalk and string, utility knife, 6" taping knife, sponge, seam roller, 12" smoothing brush, & smoother.

      put 2 aspirins in a baggie with a topper and this note:
      When you have tried and tried
      and that paper just won't stay
      Stay calm, take 2 aspirins and
      call the decorator right away!
      (c)Joy Prance 07-23-04

      ... Bottle of glue...........poor mans version of wallpaper paste
      ...coat hanger - because they are always hangin' around
      ... a cross --- to pray the wallpaper stays up!
      ...goggles - to keep the paste out of their eyes
      ...old credit card (you know the ones like you get in the mail all the time) - to use as a squeegee
      ... pencil........for making their mark in the paper world
      ... they will always know their inches
      ...shower bonnet - to protect their hair from glue splatters
      ...wet wipes - to clean up with
      Use a small bucket for the container perhaps. Besides a bucket for the container, you could get a cheap paint tray and cover it with shrink wrap.

      ... put 2 aspirins in a baggie with a topper and this note:
      When you have tried and tried
      and that paper just won't stay
      Stay calm, take 2 aspirins and
      call the decorator right away!
      (c)Joy Prance 07-23-04

      Balloon - blowin' in the wind
      Dust - for a very dry sense of humor
      Smily face - let a smile be your umbrella
      Snowflakes - think snow!
      Thermometer - you make my temperature rise

      wedding guests
      CRAYON - For adding colour to our day.
      BALLOON - Friends are the air that lifts us.
      CONFETTI - A reminder of the fun we had today.
      ERASER - Each day we rub out our mistakes and make a fresh start as Mr & Mrs (Surname).
      CANDLE - You light up our life.
      MATCHES - With love from us - The Perfect Match.

      On the day that we are wed
      we feel so very blessed
      we are surrounded by love
      you folks are all the best.
      You add so much to our lives
      and with grateful hearts we say
      thank you for joining us
      on this very special day
      ©Sue Pitchfork 2006~

      Wedding Poem or Housewarming Gift
      It is an ancient tradition that upon moving into a new home a family should be made welcome with these four earthly symbols:
      ... A Sponge that the house may always be clean.
      ... A Loaf of Bread that there may always be food upon the table.
      ... Sugar that there may be sweetness abounding, and
      ... Salt that there may be some spice in living.

      BROOM: to sweep away the evil. Your house will always be clean.
      SALT: Represents life's tears. You can also place a pinch of salt at the threshold of each door and window for luck. Mends all wounds. Salt also adds spice.
      BREAD: So you will never go hungry.
      CANDLE: So you will always have light.
      HONEY: Represents the sweetness of life.
      WINE: Never go thirsty. Your home brings you happiness and joy
      OLIVE OIL: Health, keeps your partner faithful.
      COIN: Brings good fortune for the year.
      PLANT: You will always have life.
      WOOD: Brings stability into your life and home.Harmony and peace

      Welcome back to work
      (see also: Get well; Managers;
      ... clock - it's about time you came back to work!
      ... pencil - get the point? We're glad you're back
      ... post-it notes - just a note: Welcome back!
      ... upholstery fabric - glad to see you are fully recovered

      Whiner's kit
      Pacifier - for when you need pacifying.
      Small bottle - wine (whine) should be stored in the fridge not in your voice.
      Rattle - To shake instead of your fist.
      A package of tissues to wipe your eyes, and blow your nose while whining.
      A whine glass to catch your tears.
      A package of Lozengers so you don't get hoarse while whining

      Quote: The world could be divided into winners and whiners.
      Winners make the grade. Whiners make excuses.

      Why I love you
      ... balloon - because you encourage me to reach for the sky
      ... cotton ball - to help soften any rough times
      ... hugs & kisses - your are simply the best
      ... jolly rancher - for all the times you make me laugh
      ... match we are a perfect match
      ... needle & thread - to remind you that we are bound together
      ... 100,000 bar - you are worth more than a grand to me
      ... peppermint patty - for the cool sensations you give me
      ... pompom - for the warm fuzzies you give me
      ... popcorn - cause you keep popping into my thoughts
      ... puzzle piece - without you I'm not complete
      ... silk rose - which will last forever - like us
      ... skittles - for the rainbow of colors life has become since I met you
      ... sweet escapes - for the special times we spend alone Winter

      #1 -
      As you look out the window
      and decide it's to cold,
      Take this kit to the kitchen
      and follow directions as told.

      Then, get your favorite blanket,
      And the remote control.
      Add a good movie,
      with a cup of *hot* cocoa.
      ---Melinda, giving it a try!

      #2 -
      Here's the old one...
      1.Look out the window and decide
      it's too cold to be outside...
      2.Take this kit to the kitchen and
      follow the directions on the package.
      3.Get your favorite blanket, the remote control,
      your favorite stuffed animal, your cup of cocoa,
      and a good movie. Curl up on the couch,
      chair, or floor and RELAX!
      Making this into a big matchbook shape, w/hot cocoa pack inside!

      #3 -
      To survive the winter
      this kit is just for you
      to brighten up the season
      and ward off the winter blue.
      Popcorn to keep you poppin'
      A mug and coffees too
      tea and a cider mix
      cocoa to warm you through.
      A prayer book for your soul
      socks to warm your feet
      and some special music
      with a restful beat.
      Chocolate to keep you smiling
      puzzles for your brain
      so enjoy this little kit
      in snow, frost and rain.
      ©Sue Pitchfork

      #4 -
      ...colorful, wool socks (we always slipped plastic bread bags over our socks & then into our boots if we were going to be out in the weather)
      ...matching scarf, hat, mittens (lots of cute ideas for items made from polar fleece/no or little sewing)
      ...chap stick or lip balm
      ...cold weather hand cream/lotion for face, etc.
      ...ear muffs
      ...those things you slip over boots to help grip on ice or snow
      ...packets of hot cocoa, hot cider, cup o' soup mix to make at work
      ... sunshine in a jar - felt or plastic sun in a bottle, jar, etc

      #5 -
      ... rubber gloves-so your hands will be soft for that special someone
      ... chili powder- so your winter will be full of spice
      ... tv guide- so you can choose a tv show on a cold winter night
      ... candle- for warmth
      ... matches- to keep the flame going
      ... a bowl- for making snow cream
      ... address book- to keep numbers of friends to call in case you get snowed in.
      ... Salt - to melt the ice
      ... bath salts- mmmmmm what better then a hot bath on a cold winter day
      ... socks- to keep your toes warm
      ... spoon- for hot soup to warm you all over
      ... hot chocolate pkg.-to sip by the fireplace.
      ... marshmallows-to roast by fireplace
      ... cologne- because after the bath, dinner, hot chocolate & marshmallows , then time to CUDDLE

      #6 -
      Jiffy popcorn
      Coffee mug
      Flavored tea bags
      Coffee packets
      Spiced Cider mix
      Hot Cocoa mix
      soft music cd's
      chocolate candy
      crossword puzzle book
      Prayer's of Jabez book
      warm socks

      #7 -
      Winter Survival Kit -- Design by Melony Bradley
      Recycled 4-pack wine case and clean bottles
      Card stock: light blue, navy blue, white
      Printed papers: Let It Snow, blue stripes
      Stickers: assorted alphabets, winter-themed phrase, borders
      Black fine-tip marker (optional)
      3/8-inch-wide ribbons: 2 (6-inch) lengths black with white stitches, 2 (6-inch) lengths light blue gingham
      Brads: 8 black mini round, 4 orange mini round, 1 light blue flower
      Punches: 2-inch snowflake, small snowflake, 2-inch circle, 1-inch circle, 1/16-inch hole
      Colorbox Charcoal chalk ink pad
      Silver leafing Pen
      Craft knife
      1/4-inch-wide double-sided tape
      Paper glue
      Computer and printer

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