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    If pennies came from heaven
    I'm sure you would agree
    If you plant these ones here
    You'll grow a "money tree".
    So say a little prayer
    Keep looking up today,
    Think positively...
    The best will come your way.
    Doreen Scerri © 2013

    A special little packet
    containing seeds for a money tree
    And even if it doesn't grow
    It's still full of hugs from me
    © 2013 Yvonne Lowther

    A penny in a packet
    To plant when you feel low
    Then if it grows into a money tree
    You'll reap the thing you sow
    © 2013 Yvonne Lowther

    When I saw you feeling sad and low
    I wasn't sure which way to go
    A card, a smile or something else you'd need
    And then I thought - a money seed
    So take this packet
    Sow it right
    And you might find
    Things soon turn out right
    © 2013 Yvonne Lowther

    One penny, two pennies, 3 pennies, four
    Scatter them carefully outside the door
    Sit back patiently, don't you know
    A money tree's supposed to grow
    © 2013 Yvonne Lowther

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