over 50 - Craft Poems

    ~ Over 50 - Craft Poems ~

    When my hubby turned 60, I had a party for him and I used 60 Tootsie Pops to make a wreath with a huge ribbon that read "Sixty Sucks" - everyone loved it! Jude!

    Now that you're 50
    Your age becomes gold
    Each year more precious
    As you ever grow old
    Memories made
    Each one a new page
    And just like fine wine
    You get better with age
    ©ME Ryan 2006

    Hey...it's your birthday and you're turning fifty,
    They all tell me, that becoming...fifty is nifty!
    I've been wondering, who "they" is?
    We all know that 50...has lost some of its fizz!
    Then, they say, that age is all a matter of mind,
    I wonder, if they are just trying...to be kind?
    Regardless of the pundits...it's your special day,
    And of course, I want to celebrate it, in my own way!
    So dear "Sister-In-Law...I say, get a grip...
    The next 50 is gonna be...one mighty, long trip !
    © Crafty Me2 2007

    Now you've hit the 50's
    a lifesaver you need
    here's one for every day
    a year's supply indeed.

    Succeed in touching your toes
    to get socks on your feet
    and to achieve the goal
    of getting up off the seat.

    A lifesaver for the aches
    another for the groans
    realise as you get older
    lives all about the moans!

    So take a lifesaver each day
    and remember to smile
    enjoy 50 while you can
    you'll be sixty in a while!
    © Sue Pitchfork

    Turning fifty is precious
    it is the perfect age
    between youth and senior
    it is a carefree stage.
    Old enough to know better
    but still too young to care
    a decade to please yourself
    and to let down your hair.
    So embrace your fifties
    and enjoy each day
    on the road to a century
    you've just reached half way. © Sue Pitchfork

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