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Here's an Easter votive candle
A Light for your way ~
Christ is our resurrection
Have a Happy Easter day!
Doreen Scerri © 2009

Yellow is for daffodils
That will flower in Spring
Yellow is for our hope so bright
That Easter day will bring ~
When you light this candle
Remember Christ is The Way,
He died for us and rose again
On that wonderful Easter day!
Doreen Scerri © 2009

Easter Lilies are a remembrance
Of everything Pure and White
As a candle that burns brightly ~
The Light of our Risen Christ!
Doreen Scerri © 2009

Colors of Easter (use colored beads for a bracelet)
Green - is a springtime sign of rebirth,
As brand-new growth brings your to the earth.

Blue - are the eggs in the robin's nest,
Nurtured beneath her feathered breast.

Lavender - are the dainty woodland flowers
That bloom when blessed by springtime showers.

Pink - was the dawn on the Firth Easter Day,
When the tomb was empty; the stone rolled away.

Gold - was the dazzling light that awed
All who saw Him arisen - the Son of God.

Crystal clear - is the meaning of this story;
Those who believe will live with Him in glory!

Easter basket

Little Lord Jesus, first bed was of hay,
Some Easter grass we're using today.

A bag of coins - betrayal of Christ,
Judas betrayed; paid for that tryst.

Chocolate rooster shows Peter debased;
3 times denial, he looked in Christ's face.

Basket is woven together with thorn
To symbolize the crown Jesus had worn.

A hollow egg shell for the tomb that is bare,
Yes! Jesus arose - He Lives! But NOT there!

Marshmallow bunnies, a soft yellow chick,
New life & a new birth - He wants us to pick.

Some foil-covered eggs like streets, shiny gold
Streets like in Heaven where no one grows old.

Our Jesus lives there, inviting us too,
mansions He's building for me & for you.

The Easter basket, symbolic today
Story of Jesus, to show us the way.
--- © Joy Hall, Feb. 2003

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