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~ Smile Crafts Poems ~


A smile in your pocket
to cheer you through the day
a reminder I am with you
even if I'm far away.
Smiles travel great distances
but the meaning is the same
a smile is universal
and friendship is its aim.
© Sue Pitchfork



Sometimes life is hard
and filled with despair
but a smile can be found
look you'll see it there.
When you see this smile
let it warm your heart
for days ahead are brighter
and troubles will depart.
© Sue Pitchfork



A reminder to be happy
to count your blessings too
tickle your funny bone
and to yourself be true.
Life is an adventure
so embrace it with zest
for those who keep smiling
enjoy their lives the best.
© Sue Pitchfork



White - A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Blue - The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.
Green - Everyone smiles in the same language.
Orange - Smile - sunshine is good for your teeth
Yellow - A smile increases your face value

If you don't have a smile
I'll give you one of mine
these are sent with love
to help your face shine.
A smile starts on your lips
and spreads to your heart
so use these smiles
and frowns will soon depart.
© Sue Pitchfork

The colorful smiles I'm giving you
are not priceless works of art,
but they remind me of your smiling face
and the way it always warms my heart.
© SueZQ 2011

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