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Great for making quick gifts and tags!

    When you feel you're losing your marbles
    and are at the end of your rope
    remember God sends an angel
    to help you to cope.
    When days seem bleak
    and the treatments too much
    imagine rainbows and butterflies
    so gentle to touch.
    And never feel you're alone
    and can't take anymore
    remember days will get brighter
    with happier times in store.
    ~Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    BreastCancer Angel Survivor Poems

    piece of rope
    white feather (angel wings)
    bandaid (treatment)
    skittles (rainbow)
    butterfly sticker
    hand lotion (gentle touch)
    candle (brighter)
    smiley face (happier times)

    Care Package
    ...Bag - to help you keep it all together
    ... Button to remind you to close your lips before saying an unkind word.
    ...Candle - to give you light when you feel burned out.
    ... Chocolate kiss - to remind you that someone cares.
    ...Confetti - to help you celebrate the good times.
    ... Chewing Gum to remind you that when you stick with it, you can accomplish anything.
    ... Hot Apple Cider Mix to remind you to relax daily and go over that list of blessings.
    ... Hot Chocolate Mix to remind you to relax daily and go over that list of blessings.
    ... Lego Brick to remind us to think like a child about the impossible and wonder "Why not?"
    ... Lifesaver - to remind you that everyone needs help once in a while.
    ... A Pencil to remind you to list your blessings every day
    ... Penny - with thanks for sharing your thoughts; Penny for your thoughts.
    ... Puzzle Piece to remind us that we are all part of something larger.
    ... Rose - to remind you to take time to smell the flowers.
    ...A Rubber Band - to remind you to be flexible. Things might not always go the way you want, but it will work out; Rubber Band to bind us together in friendship.
    ... Smarties - to help you on days when you don't feel so smart.
    ... Snickers bar - to remind you to see the funny side -- there is one!
    ...Stick of gum - to remind you to stick with it.
    ... String to help you tie things together when everything falls apart.
    ... A Tack to remind you to be tactful in your relationship with others and their feelings.
    ---unknown source

    I'm sending you a "care package"
    For (Christmas, etc) - that you,ll know
    & I want to say it also comes
    Because I miss you so.
    If only I could wrap up
    Lots of hugs & kisses, too;
    So that when you open this
    They,d leap right out at you.
    I miss our times together,
    I miss having you near,
    I hope you know I love you
    & wish that you were here.

    I hope you feel the love inside
    As you open up this gift.
    Just know, my love is wrapped inside
    & hope it gives you a lift!

    ...almond joy - to remind that this is supposed to be fun
    ...extra shirt - for when you lose yours
    ...fritos - when you lose all your, chips, at the table, you will still have some left
    ...goggles - to protect you from card, sharks,
    ...granola bar - so you can get nourished without leaving the slot machines
    ...hugs & kisses - to remind you that no matter what, you are loved
    ...kleenex - to wipe away the tears if you lose
    ...lollipop - beware of placing sucker bets
    ...playing card - so you will have an ace up your sleeve; your ace in the hole
    ...quarter - so you won,t leave there completely broke
    ...starburst - for that extra burst of energy at 2 a.m.
    ...toothpick - to help you pick out the lucky slot machines
    ...wiggle eyes - to help you keep an eye on things

    Toy mouse to intimidate and destroy to remind me that I am supreme over all the animals.
    Alien life form to torture and subdue (otherwise known as aluminum foil ball).
    Catnip for my daily pick-me-up.
    Biscuit to tease the neighbor dog with.
    A piece of the Christmas tree, all my own, to play with, since the Big One falls over too easy.
    My own Christmas Stocking since They won,t let me play with the pretty ones on the mantle.
    A feather to remind me of the bird who has a nest right over the window whose days are numbered, and A little Lamb to remind me of the Lamb of God.
    And how all the animals in the manger bowed down before Him that first Christmas morning.
    - by Sally Myers

    #2 -
    ...Ball - because playing with your cat is a ball
    ...brush - for all those killer hair balls book - for purr-fectly good reading
    ...catnip - for a purrfect treat
    ...feather - because your pet,s antics keep you tickled
    ...litter box - so your cat can really clean up
    ...string - because you & your cat are tied together with love
    ...tin foil ball - for play, filled with frolic & fun
    ...toy mouse - so your pet can play ,cat & mouse,
    ---jazbo 0606

    Cat Lover
    3. Life Saver - "There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat."
    - Tay Hohoff

    4. Laffy Taffy "Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have never forgotten this."
    - Anonymous

    6. Heart Lollipop "A meow massages the heart."
    - Stuart McMillan

    8. Candy Watch "Two things are aesthetically perfect in the world - the clock and the cat."
    - Emile Auguste Chartier

    9. Jolly Rancher "Happy is the home with at least one cat."
    - Italian Proverb

    10. Smarties "Cat's motto: No matter what you've done wrong, always try to make it look like the dog did it."
    - Unknown

    Celebrating Your Day
    This is a "make your day" kit
    ERASER to wipe all your mistakes away
    HUG and KISS to "make your day as good as new
    MAGNET to help put things your way
    MARBLE so no one can say you've lost yours
    PENNY so you will never be broke
    RUBBER BAND so you can stretch beyond your expectations
    piece of STRING to keep all the parts of your life together
    unknown source

    Cell phone
    ...battery - so you can keep talking & talking & talking... ... Breath mints - so that what you say will always be fresh and sweet
    ... candy peeps - for all your 'peeps' (people, friends) on your cell phone list
    ...cord - phoneless cord
    ... denim pocket - to put it in, when it is not being used
    ... flare - to use in emergencies cause you know you'll be out of range when one happens
    ... gloves - for when you need an extra pair of hands
    ... lifesavers - in case you begin to drown with all the calls you have to answer
    ... Listerine - for sore throat
    ... Mini antenna - for clear reception
    ...micro-wavable soup - So you can have your lunch, and make it quick, while you are still on the phone
    ...palm pilot - Trace a hand onto paper. Cut out the shape & punch a hole at the wrist end. Tie on about a 12" piece of yarn. At the other end, tie on a short pencil. You can write something funny on the hand.
    ...quarter - to use with a pay phone in case your cell goes dead
    ... rose - to remind you to stop & smell the roses once in a while
    ... rubber ball - because you have such a 'ball' talking to your friends
    ... small envelope - with open in case of emergency on it and inside include a typed list of how to use a regular phone
    ... stress reliever ball - to exercise your cramped fingers
    ... text messaging list of basic language - BRB (be right back), TBT (till next time), etc.
    ...tin cans & string - back-up phones
    ...tiny pillow - to give your ears a rest
    ... tissues - to wipe away your tears when the server, cell goes down
    ... toy buffalo - for when you are 'roaming' (as in, where the buffalo roam)
    ... tylenol - for your headaches when it keeps dropping calls and you have to talk thru all the static

    Oh give me a home
    Where my cell phone don't roam
    And the deer and the antelope play.
    Where cell towers are far,
    Far away from my car
    And the bears need to just stay away.

    ...Aspirin - for headaches
    ...Bandaid: for all those cuts and scrapes.
    ...Bath Salts: to take you away at the end of the day.
    ...Battery: to keep you going & going & going & going.
    ...Cotton Ball: to cushion the rough times.
    ...Ear plugs - for all the noise
    ...Fireball: for the energy you will need to keep up with teenagers.
    ...Hug & Kiss: because you deserve them.
    ...Jewel: because you are one.
    ...Lifesaver: in case you need one.
    ...Lollipop: to help you "lick" anything.
    ...Marble: to replace the ones you will lose on the trip.
    ...Mint: you are worth a "mint" to the students.
    ...Mirror: to help you see how important you are.
    ...Paper clip: to keep everything together.
    ...Penny: for your thoughts.
    ...Piece of string: for when you get to the end of your rope.
    ...Playing Card: to help you be a better mind reader.
    ...Puzzle Piece: without you things wouldn't be complete.
    ...Rope: to remind you that when you reach the end of yours, tie a knot and hang on!
    ...Rubberband: to help you stay flexible.
    ...Smiley Face: smiling is contagious.
    ...Snickers: to remind you to keep your sense of humor.
    ...Starburst: for that extra burst of energy when you wear out but the teenagers don't.
    ...Sweet & Sour Candy: to help you accept and appreciate the differences in others.
    ...Tape: to fix any last minute emergencies.
    ...Tea Bag: relax and enjoy a quiet moment.
    ...Tissue: for drying tears. ...Tootsie Roll: so you are always ready to roll.
    ...2 Wiggle Eyes: those extra eyes for the back of your head.
    ...Wipes: for cleaning up messes.

    #2 -

    Here,s a little kit
    to help you to survive,
    the time away at band camp
    when you,d rather run & hide!

    160 students playing
    and being really loud,
    that many students makes
    for quite a rowdy crowd!

    At times you,ll feel like
    you,ve entered twilight zone,
    but just grin and bare it
    we promise you,ll get home.

    So thanks for chaperoning
    and coming on this excursion
    appreciations are sent your way
    of that you can be certain!
    ~Sue Pitchfork~

    ... Candle - To remind you to always "shine"
    ... Cotton Balls - To cushion any rough roads.
    ... Fireball - To replace the energy you'll use up each game.
    ...Glitter - To remind you to keep positive thoughts, and always sparkle.
    ... Gum - To remind you to "stick" together as a team.
    ... Hugs & Kisses - Because we love you.
    ... Milky Way - To remind you to reach for the stars, and follow your dreams.
    ...Peanuts - it,s OK to be a little nutty sometimes
    ...puzzle piece - without you, the squad isn,t complete
    ...Rubber band - To remind you, in order to get along with each other, we must all stay flexible; a reminder to stretch before jumping.
    ...Smiley Face - To help you out when you think you can't smile even for one more minute; for putting on a smile, even when you don,t feel like it.
    ...Starburst - To remind you, that you'll always be a star in my book.
    ...Tape - To fix any last minute emergencies.
    Paulette, TLC Creations 2000

    Chef, Cook
    ... Apron, Personalized? - for when things get a little messy
    ... Baker's chocolate - You can't go wrong with chocolate
    ...Cookbook with givers favorite recipes
    ... Dishcloth and dishtowel - You made the mess, you get to clean it up
    ... Measuring spoons - when you need to stir things up
    ... Pot holder or oven mitt - When things get too hot to handle.
    ...salt& pepper - to spice things up
    ...Tums or Rolaids - For when things don't turn out as planned
    ...Wooden spoon - When somebody has a smart comment about the food my additions:
    ...Barbeque sauce - because the 'bastings' in life are free
    ...Cinnamon - to add just a dash of spice
    ...Dish - you can really dish it out!
    ...Jam - because cooking is just one jam-packed experience after another
    ...Pasta - the pasta-bilities are endless
    ...Orange - 'orange' you glad you made it?

    Fay in Australia:
    Antacids - for when things don't turn out as planned
    Candle - you shine in the kitchen.
    Chocolate - you can't go wrong with chocolate
    Latex gloves - even chefs have to do the dishes occasionally.
    Lifesavers - when a recipe needs help!
    Lollipop - for the sweet times
    Matches - for the spark of creativity you give to food
    Notebook and pen - to keep track of favourite recipes and cooking tips
    Paper towels - for when things get a little messy
    Rubber Band - to help you stretch beyond your expectations
    Wooden spoon - when somebody has a smart comment about the food

    FIREBALL: for the times you feel completely "burned out".
    GUM: use this to get out of "sticky" situations.
    PLASTIC MAZE: because you are truly "amazing".
    STARBURST: for when you need a "burst" of energy.
    TOOTHPICK: to help you pick the right formula.
    SAFETY PIN: because safety always comes first.
    PUZZLE PIECE: you are an important "piece" of the science world.
    ERASER: because everyone makes mistakes.
    MATCH: for lighting your fire.
    SPONGE: to soak up your mistakes.
    BEAKER: for accurate measurements. (for beaker use a putter cup or communion cup)
    BUTTERFINGER: so you never have a case of your own.
    GLITTER: to put some "sparkle" in your job.
    BATTERY: to keep you going and going and going and going.

    Chigger kit
    my idea
    With a 2 1/2" circle of shrink plastic, draw a 1/4" red dot with 6 legs. Punch a hole in the top. Shrink according to manufacturer's directions. Wear with a safety pin to ward off the little buggers.
    Put in a baggie with a cheap pair of tweezers.
    Include this poem:

    A chigger is no bigger
    than a tiny grain of sand.
    As a digger he is quicker
    than Houdini's slight of hand.
    When the chigger jabs his digger
    where your hips & haunches bend,
    You can figure that the chigger
    always gets you in the end.
    ---Author unknown by me

    Chocolate therapy
    One box each of Chocolate Bar Tea & Chocolate Peppermint Patty, one chocomint candle, one jar of tupelo honey, one box of disposable tea sleeves, one milk chocolate signature bar and one bittersweet signature bar.

    Choir director
    ...ear plugs
    ...empty bucket - to help carry a tune
    ...key - to keep on key its - for all those ,notes,
    ...WD-40 - for squeaky high notes

    ...Angel - Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. --Hebrews 13:2
    ...Bandaids - And remember in all things, the sick & the afflicted for he that doeth not these things, the same is not my disciple.
    ...Bit O Honey - pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul - Prov. 16:24
    ...calculator -Do the math.... count Your blessings.
    ...candle- to remind you to share His light with others; let your light so shine before men
    ...Candy hearts - a merry heart doeth good like a medicine - Prov. 17:22
    ...Chapstick - Heb 13:5
    ...chewing gum - stick with Jesus & you can do anything
    ...Compass - to stay on track
    ...Cookies - for when you feel 'crummy'
    ... cotton ball- to keep our hearts soft to God and others
    ... cross- to remind you of the sacrifice He made because

    He loves you
    ... eraser- God forgives our sins, we must do the same for ourselves and others
    ...fruit - God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
    ...hanky -
    I hope you will excuse me if the tears begin to flow because sometimes I like to water my testimony - it helps it to grow.
    ...heart -
    - for God so loved... - John 3:16
    - God knoweth your heart - Luke 16:5
    - Do these things with a cheerful heart - DC 59:15
    - Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth... But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven... For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. --Matthew6:19-21
    - For God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart. --1 Samuel 16:7
    - A joyful heart is good medicine. --Proverbs 17:22
    - Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. 1 Corinthians 13:7-8
    - ...Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths. --Proverbs 3: 5-6
    ...House - But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. --Joshua 24:15
    ... hug (the Hershey kiss kind) because we all need one from time to time
    ...kiss - - To remind you that everyone needs a kiss or a hug everyday. 1 John 4:7
    ...Kleenex - cry unto the Lord
    ... Life saver- to remind you of the many times others have needed your help and you theirs; when you need one
    ...Lollipop - "Jesus helps you lick any problems"
    ...nuts - God wants spiritual fruit, not religious nuts.
    ... Pencil - to 'write' your wrongs; list your blessings
    ...Peppermint - " For Commit-Mint to God"
    ...Pumpkin Seeds - "In faith we grow"
    ...rubber band- to remind us to be flexible to God's will for us
    ...snickers candy bar- to remind you to laugh at yourself- laughter is good medicine
    ...Stamp - to lick your problems
    ...tea - to remind you to relax daily, as you go over the list of God,s blessings to you
    ...toothpick - to pick out the good qualities in others

    Christian Christmas
    Lemonhead - "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
    Lollipop - "Jesus helps you lick any problems"
    Snickers - "Keep joy in your heart and laughter in your voice"
    Time Out - "The time is right to give your heart to God"
    Pumpkin Seeds - "In faith we grow"
    Peppermint - " For Commit-Mint to God"
    Candy Lipstick - "Keep your words and thoughts sweet"
    Bit-O-Honey - "Be the change that you want to see in the world."
    Smarties - "Smart people do the right thing no matter what."
    Bit O Honey pleasant words are as a honeycomb, sweet to the soul Prov. 16:24
    Candy hearts a merry heart doeth good like a medicine Prov. 17:22
    ...Candy kiss - - To remind you that everyone needs a kiss or a hug everyday. 1 John 4:7
    ...Chewing gum - To remind you to stick with it and you can accomplish anything with Jesus! Phil 4: 13 - "For God so loved the World that He gave His only begotten Son" - John 3:16-17
    - To remind you that you are worth a mint to your family & to Heavenly Father. John 3:16-17

    #1 -

    When you walk with Jesus
    sweet the way will be
    he will gently guide you
    you're one of His family.
    He won't promise it's easy
    but when in God you trust
    He'll pave the way with miracles
    for believers just like us.
    Sue Pitchfork 2005~

    Christian Friendship
    Rubber Band - to remind you we are bound together in Christ.
    Candy Kiss - to remind you of the sweetness found in friendship and in God.
    Kleenex - to dry another's tears or to dry your own tears so you can see the tears of others.
    Cotton Ball - to remind an unsaved friend that though their sin be as scarlet, they can be white as wool.
    Postcard- to write a long overdue note to a friend or to write to someone you know who is ill or lonely.
    Band-aid - to remind you of healing, perhaps of hurt feelings of someone you love.
    Ribbon - to remind you that friendship ties should be knotted in the Lord.
    Penny - to remind you that friends sometimes need a "sense" of humor.
    ALL in a SANDWICH BAG because it holds food for the heart to be shared with others.

    ...Bandage - to fix things that just will not work.
    ...Bubble bath--to soothe a weary body
    ...candle--so the season will shine brightly in your heart; To remind you to rekindle your holiday spirit.
    ...Cassette tape or CD - soothing quiet music to listen to while wrapping gifts
    ...chocolate kiss - to remind you that you are loved.
    ... Christmas Cookie Cutter,
    ...Christmasy Potpourri,
    ...Confetti - to remind you to have fun.
    ...A package of gift tags that you made
    ...Gum - to remind you to stick to it.
    ...HUG & KISS: For all the special friends and loved ones in your life.
    ...Individual Packets of apple cider
    ...MARBLE: Just in case you do lose one during the rush of the holidays.
    ...MARSHMALLOW: To remind you of the sweetness of the holiday season.
    ...Match - to light your fire when you feel burned out.
    ...Mini Nativity Scene,
    ... Small Ornament,
    ...PENNY: To remind you of the value of your thoughts. Whether big ones or little ones, share them with others.
    ...Peppermints--to settle the tummy when overindulging; To take a moment for a breath of the cool refreshing winter air to collect your thoughts.
    ...Pin - to remind you to stay sharp.
    ...Pocket calendar--to keep track of all you must of all you must do
    ...Quick easy yummy everyone will love cookie recipe
    ...Santa - to bring back the magic
    ...Slimfast--to kick off the diet you plan to start
    ...Smartie - to help you on those days you don't feel so smart.
    ...Snickers - to remind you to take time to laugh.
    ...SNOWFLAKE: Just as snowflakes are different, we are all unique too.
    ...snowman - to remind us to have fun
    ...Starburst - to give you a burst of energy on days you don't have any
    ...Tape--to help wrap the gifts
    ...Tea--to calm, relax, and soothe away tension
    ...Tootsie Roll - to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew.
    ...tree - have a tree-mendous holiday!
    ...Tylenol--to take away the headache of overdoing
    ...WRAPPING PAPER: To remind yourself not to get to wrapped up worrying about gifts. Enjoy your holiday with loved ones
    ...Xmas CD or tape--soothing music to listen to while wrapping gifts
    ... A bag to help you keep it all together and give you food for thought.

    Meaning of Christmas
    Or we could make up one using the symbols of Christmas:
    ...Angel - first brought word of the Lord's birth to the shepherds; giving out the glorious message of His birth
    ...Baby Jesus - "Jesus is the reason for the season"
    ...Mini Bible - to live by His word
    ...Bell - to remind us when we hear it ring, that another angel has gotten its wings (from It's a Wonderful Life); - just as lost sheep are guided to safety by the sound of a bell, it continues to ring today for all to follow the true shepherd to safety
    ...Candle: Jesus is the light, the way & the truth; to teasch us to let our lights shine before men that all may see it & glorify God; Advent candles: 4 purple - hope, peace, joy, love; 1 white - for Jesus
    ...Candy cane - to remind us of the humble shepherds;
    -white - symbolizes the sinless nature of Jesus;
    -red - for the blood He shed
    -hardness - to symbolize the firmness of the promise of God
    -flavor - is peppermint, similar to hyssop which was used in the Old Testament for purification & sacrifice.
    -shape - of a "J" for Jesus; or in the shape of a hook to remind us of Jesus' ministry: fishers of men
    --As you eat your candy cane, you might want to break it, as Christ's body was broken for you, and share it with a friend, thus sharing in the sweetness of the true meaning of Christmas

    ...Christmas nail
    -red - Christ's blood was shed on the cross (John 19:34); to teach us that Christ gave His life & shed His blood that we might have eternal life
    -green - eternal life in Christ (John 3:16-17)
    -white - purity if Christ ( 2 Corin. 5:21)
    -gold - Christ the Divine (Rev. 3:18)
    -silver - redemption in Christ (Matt 27:2-9)
    ...creche - symbolic of the first Christmas (Luke 2:11)
    ...Evergreen: a tree points the way to Heaven as should our prayers (John 6:47)
    ...Gift: Jesus was God's gift to mankind; the gifts of the Magi
    ...Holly - reminds of the crown of thorns Jesus wore
    ...Sheep - to remind us to follow the Good Shepherd
    ...Star - marked the place of His birth; a sign of the fullness of the promise of the Messiah's birth; guiding us to Jesus (Mat 2:10)
    ...Wrapped gift - with that poem about it being empty but filled with love or something like that
    ...wreath - representing eternity & the eternal nature of Christ's love

    Christmas Morning
    Put in a lunch box or metal tin:
    scissors, batteries, screwdriver, garbage bags, hot chocolate/coffee/tea, tylenol/advil, recipes for breakfast/brunch, thank you cards, pen & paper, a gift card for photo developing.

    Christmas shopping
    Red - When the credit card is maxed out
    Blue - When the person before bought the last one
    Green - Envy you feel for those who have finished shopping
    Yellow - For standing in the long queues
    Orange - To help remember where you parked
    Purple - For pushing through crowds
    Brown - To keep smiling when dealing with rude people
    NOTE: Take the whole pack in January when you are at the RETURNS counter.

    Christmas is a time of joy
    look in your heart and see
    it's all about faith and love
    not a frenzied shopping spree.
    So as you fight the crowds
    take these pills and remember
    to avoid the madness give
    gift vouchers next December.
    ©Sue Pitchfork

    Christmas Spirit
    While thinking about something else, this idea popped into my head:
    Use a can, box or small tin for the container. Decorate with Christmas papers, stickers, labels, etc.
    Bell - with each chime of this festive bell, may a Christmas wish come true, & bring you peace & happiness to last the whole year through!
    Gift - The magic of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence
    Light or candle - "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105.
    Tinsel - may your Christmas sparkle with laughter & love small tree - ...hope your Christmas is tree-mendous
    Tag, instructions: Just add the Spirit of Christmas
    ---jazbo 29.11.07

    ... you can teach your team to reach for the sky!
    ... Bubble remind you not to burst any child,s bubble
    ... Cotton put in your ears when the parents start yelling at you
    ... remind you that you are molding young lives
    ... Ear Plugs...for when you can't hear yourself think
    ... remind you that even coaches and umpires make mistakes
    ... help your team stick together; Cause you stuck with it
    ... Happy Face always kept smiling
    ... Hugs & tell you that we/the teams care about you
    ... licked all the problems
    ... replace the ones you use
    ... keep your cool under pressure
    ... Mounds Bar...for the mounds of confidence you gave the kids on the team
    ... Paper held it all together
    ... remind you that it's ok to be nutty sometimes
    ... give you the sense to pick your battles to fight and which ones to ignore
    ... Puzzle remind you that every child is an important part of the team; cause you're a very important part of the team; if one piece is missing the team is not complete
    ... Rubber remind you to be flexible
    ... Snickers remind you to just laugh at the umpires bad calls; to remind you that laughter can cure most anything remind you that some days your kids will think you are all wet!
    ... make every player shine
    ...String...for when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on; when you need a life line
    ...Sweet & Sour appreciate the differences in your players
    1. The Cinnamon Toothpicks will help you "pick out" the strengths and weaknesses of your team and opponents.
    3. The Peppermint is to thank you for your commit "mint" to your players.
    4. The Bubble Gum will keep your team "sticking together" through thick and thin.
    5. The Tootsie Roll Pop will remind you of the important "role" you play in teaching and inspiring.
    6. Red hots, Starburst will help your team "warm-up" quickly.
    7. The Saf-T-Pop will help you maintain a "safe and healthy" environment.
    8. The Laffy Taffy will remind you to always keep your sense of humor.
    9. The Candy Watch shows how much we appreciate the "extra time" you so unselfishly give.
    10. Mars bar, Milky Way acknowledges your talents are truly "out of this world".

    Cold weather
    ...colorful, wool socks (we always slipped plastic bread bags over our socks & then into our boots if we were going to be out in the weather)
    ...matching scarf, hat, mittens (lots of cute ideas for items made from polar fleece/no or little sewing)
    ...chap stick or lip balm
    ...cold weather hand cream/lotion for face, etc.
    ...ear muffs
    ...those things you slip over boots to help grip on ice or snow
    ...packets of hot cocoa, hot cider, cup o' soup mix to make at work
    ---jazz 01.31.04

    You will be entering a new time in your life - a new home away from the home that you have known for years. This is an exciting time in your life; you,ll be making new friends, facing new challenges, & making new discoveries about yourself & the world around you. Congratulations & good luck!
    ...balloon - to remind you not to ,blow up, when things don,t go exactly as you planned & you want to blow up, blow this up instead
    ...calculator - to sum it up, do the best you can, trust your own judgment & you,ll do just fine
    ...candle - the ,burning light, of the candle represents your constant hard work & dedication throughout college
    ...chip dip - always remember to ,dip, into some fun while you,re away at college
    ...confetti - to celebrate your high school graduation, your acceptance into college & your 18th birthday
    ...crayons - to ,color, your days bright & sunny
    ...door - for all the ,doors, of opportunity that will be opening for you
    ...eraser - each day brings a new chance your way; it,s OK to make mistakes
    ...extra gum - for the ,extra, motivation to conquer your exams card - so that you can treat yourself to something special
    ...good ,n plenties - may you have ,good, times & ,plenty, of success in college
    ...highlighter - to help you ,zero in, on your talents & ,highlight, your skills; for all the highlights of your freshman year
    ...hugs & kisses - always remember you are loved
    ...lifesavers - to remind you that Family & Friends are lifesavers - to remind you that we,re all worth a mint as long as we work together
    ...note cards - to keep in touch with family & friends
    ...package of salt - to remember to take some things with a grain of salt
    ...pad of paper - to keep track of your thoughts; so you can write home
    ...paper clip - to help keep things together when they seem to getting out of control; to help hold your life together
    ...payday - so there will always be money to go shopping
    ...pencil - to keep you sharp
    ...penny - so you will never be broke
    ...personal message center - so that you,ll always have a place for your messages
    ...puzzle piece - because you are on important ,piece, of your college community
    ...rubber band - a reminder to stay flexible
    ...shower tote - to stay organized
    ...skittles - may your college experience be as ,colorful as a rainbow,
    ...smarties - believe in yourself & your choices, & enjoy your accomplishments
    ...smiley face sticker - to put a smile on your face, even when you don,t feel like smiling
    ...snickers - a reminder to laugh more & enjoy life - never stop dreaming; a reminder to shine & always try your best; aim for the stars
    ...starburst - for when you are up late studying & need a burst of energy
    ...sweet & sour - to appreciate the differences in your roommates & accept them for who they are; to take the bitter with the sweet in life
    ...take 5 candy bar - always remember to take at least 5 minutes for yourself & relax
    ...tea bag - in case you ever get into hot water, make some tea & share it
    ...toothpick - to pick out the good in yourself & others
    ...wiggly eyes - don,t close your eyes to any opportunity, consider the possibilities first Commissioner
    Put the following in a flower pot & add this note: "Guiding Keeps us all Growing - a Survival Kit for District Commissioners"

    LIFESAVERS - To remind you of the many times others need help and we need theirs.
    COTTON BALL - For the rough roads, seek the cushioned support of your family and friends.
    RUBBER BAND - A reminder to stay flexible.
    HAPPY FACE - Smiling not only increases your face value, it is contagious.
    CANDLE - To remind you to share your light with others.
    BAND-AID - For healing hurt feelings, yours and someone else's.
    ERASER - To remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate.
    TYLENOL - Thanks for your continued support. I know this job can be a real headache.
    STICKY TAPE - Thanks for "sticking" to it and holding the district together.
    BATTERY - To give you that extra charge to keep going & going & going.
    TEA BAG - take a few minutes to yourself and relax.
    PIECE OF ROPE- for when you reach the end of your rope - this will keep you going a bit longer.
    SPOON (plastic) - sometimes you have to stir things up a bit.
    QUARTER - if you need a friend, call me.
    © MurLin Creations

    Computer Addiction
    ...Battery - To give you that extra charge to keep you going... and going, and going
    ... Chocolate Chip you can have a snack between lunch and dinner while you are in front of the computer, also can have them with your instant coffee....
    ... Computer language you know what LOL , BRB, ISO , and other (not sure the term for these)computer terms mean...
    .. Cotton Ball - to help cushion your seat from sitting too long
    ...Dynamite- to blast you out of your computer chair...(made with piece of painted red dowel, and string)
    ... Frame for picture of your spouse/or family.....In case you start missing them while you are sitting in front of the computer....Or you don't forget what they look like......
    ... Fritoes and dip...for snack in between meals when you are in front of the computer
    ... Granola bars.....for breakfast in front of the computer.
    ...Hammer for when the computer crashes.
    ...Hugs and remind you, that we love and miss you...
    ... Instant coffee....for a quick cup while you are in front of the computer....
    ... Lifesavers - In case you start drowning in all the information
    ... Juice in pouch....for breakfast drink, while you are computering
    ...Lollipop -To help you "lick" any problem
    ... Manila File you can file all the "stuff" you printed out while you were in front of the computer.....
    ... Marbles -To replace the ones you will lose
    ... McDonald you can send spouse for dinner while you are sitting in front of the puter....
    ... Microwavable cup of soup....So you can have your lunch, and make it quick, while you are in front of the computer...
    ... Mounds remind you, you have mounds of laundry to do....
    ... Note pad and paper....for all the great ideas.
    ... Pair of gloves - When you need two extra hands to help you.
    ... Paperclip -To help you hold everything together.
    ... Puzzle Piece -To remind you that without you, the computer couldn't run properly
    ... Safety Pin- To remind you to stay sharp
    ... Smiley Face........To remind you, this is supposed to be humorous.......
    ...Sponge-to help you soak up all the information from your searches on the internet
    ...Sticker -to help you stick with the task at hand
    ...Tissue- to wipe your tears when your server goes down.
    ...Toothpicks-to prop your eyes open after staring at the monitor too much
    ...Tub- to catch the tears when your server is down more than an hour.

    Computer User's
    a box of diskettes
    a mouse pad
    a pad of post it notes
    a pen and pencil
    a soft cloth for cleaning the screen
    a cd/disk drive cleaning kit
    a pad of pre-generated excuse letters --
    ~Please Excuse [insert name here] From Work as He Was ... ~

    You say you don't have a
    computer addiction.....
    But you can't say it with
    much conviction......
    So I made up this Survival Kit........
    I hope you don't have a fit..
    Get up from where you sit,
    and take the time to look at it......

    ... Highlighter - for the bright ideas
    ... Lifesavers - one for each day
    ...Pad of paper - for ideas
    ... Permanent Marker - it was for signatures and writing on the glossy pages of the new catalog
    ... Post-it notes - just because you can't live without 'em!
    ...Sunkist Gels candy - for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up

    I copied my checkered cookbook in the scanner, printed two of them on glossy paper, or plain paper with clear adhesive paper over it. I filled it with paper and on the first page I listed all the phone numbers of the fast food restaurants in the area. I added 911 to the list, as she has been known to set off the smoke alarm when she does cook. I added a poem, but would not be suitable for all.

    I made you this recipe book
    Although you don't like to cook
    Just open it wide
    And you can decide
    To call in, or burn it outside.

    Couch Potato
    Take an empty potato sack and fill it with packages of microwave popcorn,
    candy bars, individual serving size bags of chips, Crunch-n-Munch, etc. and include a gift certificate from a video rental store.
    Then make a tag for the outside that looked like a potato out of brown paper bag and label it "Genuine Couch Potato Kit, Enjoy a movie on me."
    Poem to go with it....

    Twas just after Christmas,
    and you're glued to the TV,
    But I'm hoping that you'll have a moment
    to think about me.
    So here are some treats
    to keep on your shelf
    Eat and enjoy them,
    I packaged this gift all by myself.
    Paulette, 1998~~TLC Creations

    Court-appointed special advocate
    ...cotton balls - to cushion any blows you may suffer
    ...glasses - to remember to stay focused on the needs of each child
    ...jolly ranchers - to keep you jolly
    ...lifesavers - because that is what you are to these children
    ...microphone - because you have a powerful voice in a child,s life
    ...paper clip - to keep your records together
    ...pencil & paper - to keep track of all the information
    ...penny - so you have the ,cents, to realize how valuable you are
    ...piece of rope - for when you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot & hang on a little longer
    ...puzzle piece - you are an important part of these children,s lives
    ...rubber band - to remind you to stay flexible
    ...stick of gum - to persevere & stick to it
    ...toothpick - a reminder to tolerate differences & pick out good qualities in others - to remind you that it is worth every minute being a part of the program
    ...wishing star - to ensure that the court knows the child,s wishes

    ...BAG: to help you keep it all together
    ...CANDLE: to remind you to burn brightly
    ...CHOCOLATE KISS: to remind you that you are loved
    ...GUM: to remind you to stick with it
    ...MATCH: to light your fire when you feel burned out
    ...PIN: to remind you to stay sharp
    ...SNICKERS: to remind you to take time to laugh
    ...SMARTIE: to help in those days that you don't feel too smart
    ...STARBURST: To give you a burst of energy on those days you don't have any
    ...TOOTSIE ROLL: to remind you not to bite off more than you can chew

    #2 -

    bandaid - for the rough hands from working on the range
    tissue - to keep them boots & saddle clean
    peppermint pattie - always watch out for the 'cow patties'
    matches - to keep that campfire burning
    sweet tarts - to sweeten your disposition when the trail gets long & lonely
    piece of string- for when you run out of rope
    stick of gum - reminding you to 'stick with it'
    starburst - to give you a burst of energy
    beans - for cookin' over the campfire
    cottonball - to cushion the long rides in the saddle
    puzzle piece - at the end of the trail, all the pieces will fit snuggly together
    marbles - to replace the ones you lost while on the trail

    ...file folder - to put all those new ideas in
    ...paperclip - to help you hold things together
    ...piece of string - to help you tie up loose ends
    ...tootsie roll - to help you roll along to completion

    Credit card surgery
    Credit card debt getting you down? Maybe it's time for a little plastic surgery.
    pair of scissors - to cut your losses
    battery - just in case you have to charge something
    some play money since you'll need to carry "extra cash"
    - kritterno#1
    04.03.08 - Jazbo

    Credit Card debt getting you down.....
    Well wipe off that depressing frown....
    Plastic surgery is what you need......
    And all your debts will soon be freed...

    #2 -

    - a little cash on hand
    - batteries when you need to charge something

    ...Attack (variety of available bowlers at disposal of fielding captain): a thumb tack so you will have enough bowlers
    ...Block (a defensive batting stroke): a block of wood for a good batting stroke
    ...Bowl (to deliver the ball in a legal manner): bowl so all your deliveries will be legal
    ...Cherry (a new ball) - a plastic cherry so you will always have a new ball
    ...Cut (varying types of spin on the ball) - scissors to have a variety of ,cuts,
    ...Duck (a score of zero) - rubber duckie to throw when you get a score of zero
    ...Feather (a very faint edge of a ball by the batsman) - feather so you can be tickled by the batsman
    ...Fiery (a hostile, generally fast pace bowler) - red hots or some kind of hot candy for that kind of bowler
    ...Flannels (cream colored clothing worn by a cricketer) - a piece of flannel fabric for your new flannels
    ...Good eye (the ability of a batsman to assess & sight a delivery much quicker than would normally occur) - so you can keep your eye on the ball
    ...Hat trick (when a bowler is able to manage 3 dismissals for 3 consecutive deliveries in the same match) - a new hat for those hat tricks
    ...Hook (a batting stroke played to the on side) - a hook for hook shots
    ...Howzat (the fielding side is appealing for a dismissal) - a question mark cut from paper or fun foam, labeled, howzat,
    ...Match (a game) - matches so you can have a great game
    ...Pie thrower (a slang term used to describe a bowler of poor quality) - some kind of a pie (a miniature perhaps, or one made out of a metal beverage lid?) - to watch out for those pie throwers
    ...Plumb (when a batsman is standing directly in the line of the stumps) - plastic plumb (fruit) {I don't know if this is a good or bad field position)
    ...Sticks (a slang term used for the stumps) - 3 sticks bundled together for an extra set of stumps
    ...Wicket - the kids have a slang term, totally wicked, maybe a play on words - totally wicket

    ... CARAMEL-so you won't starve when you can't take time away from crochet to eat
    ...LOLLIPOP-to help you lick your stitch problems
    ...PAPER CLIP-to use as a crochet hook in an emergency
    ... PENNY-so that you have enough "cents" to realize what a valuable asset you are to other Crocheters!
    ...PIECE OF YARN-to help you tie up loose ends
    ... PIN-to help you pinpoint pattern problems
    ...RUBBERBAND-in case you run out of yarn and you just have to crochet
    --my additions:
    hook - you'll be hooked up with this survival kit
    pattern book - this book reminds me of friendship: the inside is even better than the cover.
    scissors - so you can sharpen your skills
    yarn - so you can put your own spin on things

    Crossing Guard
    Yo-yo angel poem

    This Crossing guard angel...
    wants to watch over you.....
    She thinks your special for
    the work that you do.....
    You watch the girls and boys
    as they cross the street....
    Always with a smile, and
    always upbeat.....
    --by gingersnap

    ...bright orange gloves
    ...chap stick
    ...fanny pack to put the gifts in
    ...a folding chair
    ...folding umbrella certificate for a new pair of comfortable shoes
    ...hand lotion
    ...insect repellant
    ...notepad & paper - to write down license #'s of those who do not slow down
    ...rain poncho
    ...scarf, hat, warm socks, etc. for winter
    ...some sort of funky hat
    ...sun screen
    ...their favorite snack
    ...thermos for soup or a hot drink
    ...visors and painting them
    ...water bottles and painted on the them flowers for the ladies and cars for the men

    Smarties, Lifesavers, Gummy Worms, Goldfish Crackers, and a popsicle stick You ask, "What is it?"
    It's SEASICK PILLS for your tummy's ills.
    And LIFE SAVERS to keep you a float in case you fall off the boat.
    If you want to fish, please don't wait the GUMMY WORM'S AND THE GOLDFISH are your bait.
    Last but not least, one thing more -
    a PADDLE, to help you row to shore. books -
    ...seas the opportunity
    ...smooth sailing
    There are good ships and wood ships,
    but the best ships are friendships. of luck

    Blow away your worries
    as we sail away
    we'll party all night
    and relax every day.
    (c)Sue Pitchfork


    Cruise M&Ms
    Red - For the meet and mingle
    Blue - For dinner with the Captain
    Brown - For friendships at sea
    Yellow - For total relaxation
    Orange - For avoiding sea sickness
    Green - For enjoying every minute

    Even before the cruise started
    I considered you a friend
    we met in the chat room
    and warm hugs I send.
    To meet you in person
    is an absolute thrill
    I hope we stay friends
    when we land and stand still.
    (c)Sue Pitchfork

    Pompom critter
    I get warm and fuzzy
    when I think of you
    so take this feeling home
    with my best wishes too.
    (c)Sue Pitchfork

    ...sand & shells in a bottle
    instant holidays
    In a ziplock bag put a little drink umbrella, sand and a couple of shells -
    INSTANT HOLIDAY - Just Add Memories:

    When you hold this bag
    please remember me
    and the fun we had
    on our cruise at sea.
    As though the trip is over
    if days seem too mundane
    close your eyes and imagine
    we're on the cruise again.
    (c)Sue Pitchfork

    Sea sick pills - for you are green around the gills
    (goldfish crackers, gummy fish, plastic fish bagged in soap)